Half-Life: Gold brings back the good, old Half-Life 1 of 1998 with better graphicelements such as textures, models and more.

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MacGyver.at says

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great job!


R1chard says

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is this very special, nice work


badboy_zay says

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just downloaded and playing it.very good mod, really love the way you made those textures, look perfect in game.
however,some NPC model are still not really fit with the game,explame G-man, Assassin and Barnacle,they're HL2 model and i think they look way too "SD" to put in GoldSource engine,but in fact they're not too bad idea though
i know most of NPC models you used in the mod are made by some people,but i don't really like the desert camo of those human grunts,i think you should use the original white camo to keep the GoldSource style.and their gun is M4A1 custome,but the gun you used in this mod is MP5(or HK5,i don't really know :D ),if you want i can help you to put that gun to those grunts so they will look much fit with the mod.
however,the rest is awesome. i got to chapter "unforseen consenqueces" now and everythings is work fine. hope you could release a patch because i think this mod could be improve more. good luck :D


SpeedyClaude says

half life was rebirth when this mod was released...a new era in hl gaming


poisonheadcrab says

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I do not like the new sounds for the monsters. I don't think they sound good, nor do they fit. You should just keep the sounds that valve had, they fit a lot more. And also change the hivehand sound, it sounds like a turkey. Other than these flaws the mod is good, the textures are well detailed & so are the models.


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