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thedeadcamper says

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This mod is an attempt at an arena-styled game play, focused on the player facing against a single opponent per small arena. I was confused by the title at first, but the mod's folder name is called "duel", which leads me to that conclusion.

This mod is very short, and very easy given the context, but the brushwork is really nice in each set piece. The game on a whole is one level long, which is fine, but even then it's incredibly jarring how short it is, especially given the type of game it's trying to be.

I understand this was made during a game jam, then later finalized. This probably explains the shortness of the mod overall. I do like the addition of power-ups in the level design, but I think it would have been finer with using regular health kits and armor packs instead, mostly because they weren't really utilized in my play-through until I discovered them after the fact.

It's hard to say that this is worth your download time, but it's a small download, and once you've got it set up, it's alright. I would have liked to have seen more difficult fights with the earlier enemies.

Some enemies simply aren't designed to face one-on-one in the half-life universe, and by that I mean that the mod is too easy.


flippedoutkyrii says

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Confusing and somewhat unpolished, there was still a lot of eye-candy and the design wasn't bad considering how it was assembled in such a short amount of time.

But alas, it is still very short and much of the combat was very disorienting and far too tight, especially with the speed boost power-up.

Still, not bad overall. :)



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This is a mod I liked. For me the concept was quite neat and simple, and also I can fit it into the “HL2 Combat Arena” category, as you kill enemies in a particular closed scenario and also progressive scenario.

I really liked the health recovery stations, and those ones which provide super speed, I would love to use those speed boosters in a bigger combat arena.

The combat overall felt OK, but obviously, as you fight inside a building, actually, from the cellar to the rooftop is a very narrow and close combat all the way, the 2 last bosses to fight felt quite cool to battle against them specially if you use the speed booster carefully.

In conclusion, I got entertained by this mod, and it was pretty cool to experience the combat arena style again.


Gambini says

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Unconsistent design, and bad gameplay setting. Random autosaves that got me in a loop of death. Sorry but I only liked the first room and the initial fight against the metrocop and his manhack.


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