You, James Bernier - a dangerous offender, authorities caught and landed in jail. He was sentenced to death. He decided to try to escape, he was able to pull out a knife from a soldier and put it in the camera's field of view. But then came fate. The intercom turns on and says, "Come. You can not use a knife, the soldiers are armed." James obediently moves out of the camera view and goes for a soldier. He understands that this is the end .... - By [1B]GadenbIsh

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This takes a similiar approach to some of the better difficult mods out there by providing less healthkits, however the mod really screws this up though because there are no batteries & twice/three times the amount of enemies you'd expect. I had to rely on the shotgun double barrel blast & AR grenades and liberal use of the quicksave key to get me through. Suffice to say constant reloads and overusing explosives isn't the best way to have a balanced mod and certainly not a fair difficult mod. Its purposely unfair and doesn't care what most people think. I can atleast respect that but its not entertaining. If enemies went down faster I would perhaps understand this "realism", even so I don't see why not give us some batteries. If your going to be tight on health, be tight on batteries. Not remove them. This is a endurance test and seeing as I've played a good version of that kind of mod in Hard 1 & 2, seeing it done painfully hard like this makes me a tad sad that there isn't many mods that have done this kind of 'low health/battery and good enemy placement thing' well. Its hard to make an ideal mod in this regard.

Black Death doesn't seem to good in terms of level design, its just canyons and some bland military base that we have seen before done way better in countless mods. The canyons are quite bland. The waterfall kills you (uhh). But the idea here of Black Ops has been done better, search and you'll find a few worth playing, skip this one unless you are really desperate for something ultra difficult.

I remember playing this a long time ago, and it certainly hasn't aged very well.

The level design was simple, yet the pacing and enemy placement was hideous. Most of the time your facing over a dozen grunts who rip you to shreds as soon as you step into a room, making the mod unbearably difficult even on easy settings.

The mod has some potential but besides the interesting perspective of a black ops soldier, there isn't much for me to recommend upon finishing it.

It's meh, and if you can manage to beat the mod on hard, you deserve some sort of medal D:



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An ok mod for 2004, It's not great but it's not bad either, It's got problems and it may have alot of enemies in it but the challenge gives you a thrill.

Just don't do hard mode just yet until you know how to survive with few medkits.

Let me preface this by saying I played this on hard. Easier difficulties may or may not be enjoyable.

- Playing as a Black Ops soldier and fighting with them
- The Black Mesa parts are more enjoyable
- The ending was cool (or near ending anyway)

- Not English. Unless you understand I think, Russian, you will have no idea what's going on.
- Mapping/texture errors (hall of mirrors, seeing straight through terrain)
- Extremely difficult. You are only ever given 10 armor whenever you are at the base, there is no more, EVER. Expect to quicksave/load like crazy. First-aid kits are rare.
- Possible to get stuck
- Getting onto the chopper the first time more often than not, glitches you into it on the level load, hurting you and making you stuck
- I had to noclip into a garage because I was stuck
- One part involved me grenade jumping. While not necessarily bad, it is possible the player would have no explosives to do such and would need to noclip
- For some reason, I was unable to reconfigure the controls from in-game. Had to go to the config file (which shouldn't be there anyway)
- Those goddamn self-closing doors. More often than not, there will be enemies or corpses on one side of the door, making it stuck or needing to be reopened constantly. No reason to have this whatsoever

The premise was great but this mod hurt. About 45 minutes in, I was ready for the thing to end as I wanted no more of it. I would not recommend this... on hard anyway. Even then, ugh.

Very intensive gruntfest mod. It's not a brilliant, but good to kick some ***** :) And yep, it's Op4-based.


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