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Summary: Amidst the destruction and ruin the bombs had brought, they had managed to create, something new. People were changing.Changing into horrible mutants who hunger only for the flesh of their fellow man... Small colonies of hopeful survivors unaffected still lay plotted around the globe. However, their time is almost up... Gameplay: To summarize HoldOut quickly, would be to say it is a modern scenario, with a post-apocalyptic theme. The world has been hit by some event, that hasn't really been "decided on." At any rate, the event has caused massive amounts of radiation (what has been decided so far) all over the world. The radiation mutates people and creatures after enough exposure, causing them to become aggressive monsters who must feed on the still "normal" humans. Basically, Holdout is a two-sided game of survival. Since players play only as Survivors, the goal is to survive onslaughts of mutants. Since HoldOut takes place in a modern setting (present...

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Massive Media Release!

News 5 comments

Hey everyone, AversionFX from HoldOut here, letting you know we're back. We've got a lot of brand spankin' new media for all of you zombie-lovers...

HoldOut's Here to Stay.

News 5 comments

Wilko here from HoldOut. Even though we are still saving up for our giant media release (which will include our 3DS max cinematic) we decided we will...

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