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This Mod is Aiming to Add to The Game Winter,Improve Realism,Add More Weapons and Equiepment + More Interesting things.. This will Make you play STALKER again...Can you survive Winter !?

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Weapon Time! - Famas F1, CZ-52
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Nice additions, Isn't the Famas more suited to Freedom though, Duty have always favoured weaponry that uses bloc ammo.

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SeeZ0 Author

Yeah, youre 100% right, well, Ive added a **** ton of new guns to freedom including sniper rifles, so Ive wanted to give duty atleast some new stuff. I dont know, I might change it after I add some more fitting weapons for them.

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I'd agree with David. Duty, in general, seem to be using warsaw-pact countries weaponry. They also feel more ''eastern''. AK's, VSS vintorez, AS Val - those are ''trademark'' weapons of duty. Duty would be perfect to carry various izhmash made weapons, especially newer ones.

Freedomers are more ''western'' weapon users. Even though such baby as AK-47 would be most common gun in the zone (just like in all of the world, pretty much), but NATO rounds and weapons still are most used by freedom. In this case, I'd suspect FAMAS would fit better amongst freedom.

This is just my opinion. I appreciate your work and will play this mod anyway.

Good luck

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SeeZ0 Author

Just as Ive said, youre both right, however, Ive wanted to give Duty something new, fresh, get me? Duty needs something new, btw when Ive said often, Ive meant around 5 soldiers, duty will still have its own rules (SSSR, **** yeah) :).

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Today, I have fixed a ton of bugs, balanced some values/prices and also added those two new weapons. First of all, CZ-52 (pistol) and the Famas F1 (AR). Both will be offered by the scientist trader and also, this combination will be used by Duty pretty often. Later I will work on adding some new features, not only items/weapons. After I will feel that Ive added enought changes/fixes, there will be G.W.D.T. 1.1 release. Iam not planning adding any version patches since the changes will make u need to start new game anyway. I will only continue adding fixes/fix patches. Hope you like the small update atleast abit, -seeZ.

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