You have been sent alone, to a warm desert planet for a commando mission of high risk. Your goal, as an elite soldier, is to infiltrate the abandoned human complex to perform vital maintenance tasks and to recover precious scientific research facility data. From the warm desert to the depths of the complex, you will blow up everything that blocks your way, like doors or walls, but mostly aliens. You will then be extracted from the planet by a space ship !

Fox_Aquatis says

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I usually don't even rate mods, but this one needed to be given a 1/10; it's that bad.

The good:
The desert environment is a nice change from the post-apocalyptic eastern-Europe of most mods.

The bad:
The head bobbing is ridiculously exaggerated. Bobble heads don't bounce that much.
Every time the player encounters antlions, there are always far too many of them. When the player is forced to enter a small room where there are over forty antlions at the same time, you're doing something wrong.
Although the player is occasionally prompted with directions on where to go with some on-screen text, it frequently shows up in the middle of a firefight with several dozen antlions making the player miss the text and leaving them to wander around the map until they accidentally stumble upon their next objective.
Other than the above mentioned on-screen text, the mod lacks nearly any kind of signposting for the player which causes a lot of "what am I supposed to do now?" moments.
Some doors open with a switch like in Half-Life 2, others have no switches but open when the player uses them, and then there's one door that does neither, but has to be attacked and broken open, although the player is given no prompting to do so.
The combine assault rifle skin is used for some type of lightning gun that is semi-automatic instead of its normal automatic fire. That caused more than a little confusion when I first tried to use it.
When the player has to destroy the antlion food at the end of the mod, they are given no indication what said food looks like and are expected to randomly shoot piles of what looks like sand to figure it out.
The mod lacks any story besides "go here, flip this switch, kill those enemies".
One of the first abnormal bits the player experiences is having to blow up some metal railings that block a path with a grenade instead of just breaking some wooden planks. This goes against what the player has learned in Half-Life 2 (metal is unaffected by grenades)

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A bit too many antlions but it was overall fun ! Good job

Mar 21 2012 by Mr.Mundy