I'm 12 years old so please don't complain!! This is a very short custom story and its my first!

KrustiClawn says

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Yomamma? It's just a ************* key? I don't care if you are 12, this is a serious community with serious stories. You have to start thinking about the community if you are uploading your stories for the community.

You think it's fun to type childish things like that? But does the rest of us think it's fun? People rate it 1/10 so apparantly, they don't.

You said you made it for pewpiedie. Then why did you upload it here? Send it to him then! To be honest, I don't see why even Pewdiepie would enjoy this map :s

You even took a picture from Mansion 1408 wich is misleading and a very pathetic thing to do, since it's not yours. You have potential, you can use the level editor after all, but you have to grow up and actually spend time on your work in the future.


- You know how to make simple scripts, that's a start
- You know how to upload your map... if that's good or bad I don't know


- You took a picture a picture from Mansion 1408 Moddb.com congratulations, you are a thief
- No music, almost no ambient sounds, bad lightning, no details...
- No story
- Childish humour
- 20 seconds long
- Horrible level design. A long corridor with 20 statues, some drawers and a few other things and a bedroom is supposed to be a house? Are you serious dude?

Not worth the 20 seconds it has to offer

1/10 - Pointless

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