Get to freedom. Walk around Suburbs, and sewer stench. The enemies I cannot say much, but there will be alot of fighting. The style, as has been the novelty of Xen teleportation of not only Alien slaves, but houndeyes, crabs & zombies. Game time from half an hour to an hour. There will also be an Easter Egg in this mod. Fictional city City Of Fate, in which the action will be extended to 7 locations. Perhaps you can see it as a parallel alternative to City17 (HL2).

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Very nice, but ending is quite disappoitning.
Also bad english :)

good mod and like that green crowbar

A good mod. Gameplay was interesting, and I liked some of the new weapon sounds and updated HUD.

One of the most fresh feeling mods I've tried as of late, it does everything right from a level design perspective but there are still dialogue left in Russian with no English text for.

Also I did not find this particularly challenging, I very rarely came up against any real threats. The helicopter fight was even to easy for me, as it just spun around on the spot.

The story made no sense, luckily its been re-translated so atleast we have a intro and ending that people can follow. What does have that separates it from other mods? Well the environments are quite suburban like, and this I think is done here better than ever before without the need for a completely different aesthetic design (like Poke646), here the textures seem reminiscent of HL2's City 17. Very appreciated for this choice. It really does feel like a alternate reality where Gordon being out of action has call forth a different type of hero of the story.

Very fun mod. Gotta love that green crowbar. :)


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