This mod is a new vision of Diablo 2. More difficult opponents: many elite and unique monsters, all monsters are stronger and faster than their standard counterparts. The game became more interesting: new easy and effective system of crafting built on gems, jewels and disenchanting of items; pretty much changed skills of all characters and mercenaries; partially reworked and brand new uniques and sets, runewords, gemwords and much more...

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Great mod, just needs some more end content and its perfect!



over the top crazy skill mod for great neverending powerplay!!!!


good mod keep it up


good mod


Been playing this mod for a solid 2 days. Trying to gear up my sorc to clear Hell. This is quite enjoyable and a great way to spice up the game, if youre looking to return to diablo!


Gameplay is close to original, with some modifications to spice things up.

It gets difficult especially in hell, but that keeps things interesting and keeps you on your toes. It would probably be easier if you played with a group of friends, otherwise prepare to farm a bit solo.

Mod creator is also friendly and helpful, and quick to answer any questions and to help resolve any issues with the game.

The modder has made some decent additions to the game and is continuing development. Looking forward to what is to come!


steamfury256 says

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great mode needs some rework and more things and is done

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Great mod, just needs some more end content and its perfect!

Mar 7 2017 by dafacist