Ghal Maraz

is a confirmed single and multiplayer Total Conversion mod for 'Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord' that aims to bring the Warhammer Fantasy world during the final years of the Empire to life. This will include characters, locations and famous items from the Warhammer Fantasy tabletop game, Warhammer Novels and other media surrounding the franchise such as cannon video games.


  • Singleplayer Campaign
  • Multiplayer
  • Dozens of factions and races
  • Lore friendly heroes, lords and characters, such as Karl Franz, Ludwig Schwarzhelm and Kurt Helborg
  • Hundreds of custom locations and accompanying scenes like Altdorf, Middenheim and Erengrad
  • Classic RPG inspired quest system and missions that will scale depending on your relationship, army composition and rank in the quest-givers faction, from supply errands to the eradication of invading armies and seizure of cities
  • Grimdark
  • Did I say Grimdark?
  • All major playable races (this depends on Bannerlord skeleton limitations)
  • Unique fantasy creatures, such as Dragon Ogres, Arachnarok Spiders and Demigryphs (to the extent the engine allows)
  • Faction specific artillery (limited to siege until further Bannerlord info is released)
  • Gun powder weaponry and artillery
  • Mythical weapons with unique attributes and physical looks, such as the Warhammer Ghal Maraz itself, or one of the Runefangs
  • Accurate representation of Warhammer Fantasy politics and lineage, with court intrigue, corruption and betrayel
  • Custom siege equipment for each race
  • Unique up-gradable settlements that change visually depending on the occupying race

Due to the game obviously not being released yet and lacking a release date in its entirety, we obviously cant guarantee these features will be in the module, though this encompasses an outline of our aims for the mod. As a result, the list is subject to change.

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Hello all! It occurred to me that, whilst we've always been relatively quiet on ModDB (as we haven't got anything interesting to show bar texture sheets and test models), i've never actually catalogued all the questions you guys have thrown our way on here, in person or on steam. So, to remedy this, i'll keep this updated with as many relevant questions and articles as I can!

- Vitallion

Q: When is 'Ghal Maraz' set?
A: At this point, we haven't got a precise date other than its set just before the End Times, during the Imperial reign of Karl Franz. An exact date will be hammered out once we start physically creating the Single Player Map.

Q: How long will the mod take to create?
A: Literally years. We're not looking at this project as a one release two faction deal, we'll be developing this likely for many years after Bannerlord has released, as you can never really run out of things to do when it comes to Warhammer Fantasy and something like Mount and Blade. In all honesty, we'll likely never get to a point where we can sit back and proclaim the mod as finished, but we'll plug on with it all the same!

Q: Where will Ghal Maraz take place?
A: We're aiming to include as many areas of the Warhammer world as possible (on one campaign map obviously). This means there wont be a specific location in which the mod is set, as the entire Warhammer World will be open to the player, from the Chaos Wastes to the Spine of Sotek.

Q: Can we kill Legendary Lords?
A: Yes. We're looking to take full advantage of Warhammer Lore when it comes to this, as it delves quite deep politically as to who does what when what person dies around the End Times period. For example, if a player kills Karl Franz, we're aiming to have it so that a character like Kurt Helborg (Reiksmarshal) becomes the next Emperor, then Ludwig Schwarzhelm, Boris Todbringer e.c.t. However, there will be some characters that peculiarly can't be killed, be they be blessed by some foul Gods, an immortal curse or the dreaded plague of Vampirism..

Q: Will there be unique mounts that the player can ride, such as Demigryphs and Spiders?
A: Yes. We're going to take full advantage of the Bannerlord Skeleton system in this regard. Horse based mounts will be the first to appear (such as non-flying Pegasus, Wolves and Demigryphs), then smaller-medium unique mounts such as Spiders and possibly Squigs.

Q: How many factions will the Campaign include?
A: How many factions are in Warhammer Fantasy?

Q: What will encompass the first release?
A: There will be two versions that could be labelled as Version 1. The first will be a very small Multiplayer module that will be used to test scripts, animations, balance, items and props. The second will be the first release of the Singleplayer campaign, which we're aiming to have include the full Reikland area, Marienburg, Nuln, the Grey Mountains, areas of Stirland and Southern Middenland to begin with. From here, we'll expand outwards.

Q: Will there be an Alpha?
A: Yes, though not in the way you'd think. Instead of having an alpha for the Campaign, we'll be having a very basic Multiplayer only release that will be specifically used to test assets that will be integrated into the mod proper, such as mounts, scripts, animations, items and scene props. This MP version will be focused around the Battle and Siege Game Modes and will hopefully have events set up by the community, though obviously not being as expansive as the first release of the Singleplayer Campaign version will be.

Q: What factions will be playable in the Alpha?
A: Currently the MP Alpha will be limited to the factions of Reikland and Middenland, though we may add further basic versions of Talabecland and Stirland if there is demand. No non-human factions will ever be in the Alpha.

Q: Will we be able to play as non-human races in the campaign?
A: Yes. This also goes for faction. Players will be able to inherently join with and start at the factions of any human civilization (The Empire, Bretonnia, Border Princes, Norsca, Chaos Wastes e.c.t.). A heavily humanoid race such as the High Elves or Dark Elves will also be possible. The Vampire Counts will also be possible, though likely through quests so you dont remain a thrall to the Counts if you decide to join one of the undead families. Dwarves will be possible but the skeleton and animation work will obviously take time. Beyond that, heavy work will have to be put into the Orks and players will be faction locked at that point, but we want all races to be playable.

Q: Will there be unique weapons?
A: Yes, and this is something I greatly look forward to working on. Many lords will have unique weapons, such as Runefangs, Cursed Blades e.c.t.
Players will be able to craft their own unique weapons, or loot them from the corpses of defeated lords that they kill in battle. A huge feature I'd like to work on are quests for magic items such as this, where players venture into long forgotten crypts or strange looking, green glowing cave systems looking for their goal, unaware of the danger that lurks around every corner.
Basically playing off of the tabletop quest system and original DnD based stuff that was prevalent back in the day.

Q: Will there be flying mounts and monsters?
A: Hopefully yes, but this requires an inordinate amount of coding for a freshly home scripted game, let alone for a mod.

Q: Can I recruit monsters into my army?
A: Yes. Humanoid and mountanoid (4 legged) monsters will be available for recruitment as and when they are introduced into the game, though they wont be recruitable in the normal way. Actual humans, such as a Norscan Raider, will be recruitable and trainable to the level of a Chaos Chosen Warrior, realistically the highest your bog-standard chaos infested human can get. This Norscan Warrior will never be able to become a troll or giant, as they're different species. Units such as these will be recruitable in the same fashion as mercenaries, unique to certain locations on the map.
The same idea goes for units such as the Reiksguard. Your normal Imperial State Trooper could advance to the level of a Halberd Captain or Greatsword, but realistically could not become a Reiksguard Knight. Units like this will be recruitable from certain settlements as mercenaries, in this instance Altdorf and Castle Reiksguard.

Q: Will you add Goblin Diver Catapults
A: I promise you, when we've figured out how to add genuine artillery and Arackhnarok Spiders, we'll let you throw your goblin chums at stunties.

Q: Can we quest to find Boris Todbringer's lost eye?
A: I'll make this a rare drop if you defeat Khazrak.

Q: Can I help?
A: Yes! We're currently in need of modellers, texturers, music creators and voice actors to help put the mod together. Alternatively, if you have any ideas for scenes/maps, unique equipment, features e.c.t then we always appreciate help!
Most of all though, the greatest help would be to spread the word about the mod and get involved with the community!

Ghal Maraz Developer Interview

Ghal Maraz Developer Interview

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An interview by Resonant Uprising with the Ghal Maraz head developer Vitallion.

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I have ideas about the faction of vampire counts. I would like to know if it is possible to implement mechanics on raising undead. With this we could increase the size of the army if a % of the enemy dead and friends dead in combat are going to be part of the army.

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There are excellents ideas for this mod, I hope you guys can achieve it all. I would gladly offer my help for all, but I actually know nothing about modding and specially coding, so I will help spreading this excellent idea. I love Warhammer fantasy, and integrating Bannerlord new mechanics with Warhammer it's a spectacle I would die to see

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Cathay will be in the mod?

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Like Warsword Conquest dev goals: Are you going to add spellcasting, factions like pirates and bandits, and the sort?
I would absolutely love a spellcasting system for Bannerlord, if you guys are going to add it. It would make your mod one of the most unique mods ever made.

If you need some ideas, Warsword thought of some neat ideas! Check these articles, and you might gain a few interesting ideas.

Good luck!

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Hello again. Once more I am here to deliver some probably inane questions and maybe a suggestion which might be somewhat stupid.)

Since they announced that you would be able to mess with the skeletons of model I would suppose that your job would be become much easier in rendering(is this word even remotely used in a correct way?) the most iconic of beasts from each faction?

I have a question about them: Would they be in the normal troop tree or rather more powerful and unique forces of nature? Like trolls and I believe ents in "The last days of the Third Age" ?

One other, that might be even more inane is that factions like the high elves mostly have flying monsters, which I suppose would not work in the system , unless until a very dedicated modding team will create an easier way of doing it, would they get any substitutes?

Would also the messing with the skeletons help you making the races seem different? I may be more than a little overboard but I would like when playing as an elf or an Ork to feel like I am one and not a reskined human. (Though this may count more on the animations, I don't know since I am a bit of a pleb.)

Would you also ever think to add chariots? Or would it be too much work for too little gain? (I personally would love a White Lion Chariot.)

Finally my somewhat stupid suggestion, though it is more from a lore perspective and it isn't really seen amongst the miniatures. From the trilogy "Tyrion and Teclis" we learn that High Elves can grow facial hair, even though most of them abstain from glorious beards. Will that be reflected in-game or is it too nitpicky? (I mean will High Elf players get the chance for a beard or would you stay with the common theme?) I also have to note that I am not completely sure how Canon the books of Black Library are considered. Cheers!

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Vitallion Creator

All good questions.

Making large non-flying animals would be made incredibly easier by the skeleton's being fully modable yes, I say non-flying because that involves a whole heap of other coding stuff that I imagine i'll get too at a later date.

Regarding large creatures in faction troop trees, it really comes down to the conversation I have with the community once an initial mod version is set up (we're planning on releasing a tiny multiplayer alpha using a few troops from Reikland and a yet to be decided faction to test scene props and animations whilst we're building the single player and full multiplayer). Personally, i'd like to keep non-human entities out of a recruitable troop tree and have them as location specific mercenaries, it would seem weird recruiting a Norscan Raider and leveling him into a Mountain Troll.

In terms of flying monsters and things like that, they'd be absent from the game until we had a fully functioning way of putting them in and balancing them. I derive alot of enjoyment from imagination, not just what I can physically play with, it may be that a faction like the wood elves (who as you said have a fairly complicated roster) are limited to tiny raiding parties in relevant map areas and unique and vague events (kind of like the Skaven treatment).

Races would be hugely different with different skeletons and animations, though that completely depends on if Taleworlds has the foresight to allow different playable entities to have different animations, as in Warband everything acted, fought and ran like a human unless it was ridable, in which case it acted like a Horse. Safe to say if everything goes well in terms of bannerlord compatibility we'll make literally every race unique in look and animation (from running to fighting).

Yes, we'd like to add Chariots. Who wouldnt?

We can always have the availability of facial hair with High Elves, though i've always been a fan of the completely clean look they give off. Radiates an aura of purity and authority over lesser races.

Thanks for the questions, if you have any others feel free to ask.

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This may be almost be a year old but damn near everything in the game is moddable. Animation, menus, skeletons, scenes, even weight and physics meaning you can make dwarfs almost impossible to move by force. So yes everything will be good for you.

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I really need to ask:"What about magic?"
Since magic is something very prevalent on the warhammer universe.

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attempt on magic with warband game engine it's tricky, about some aspect you can look for Phantasy of Calradia wich have a "magic" system so you can have an idea of what you can expect from magic with this game.

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Vitallion Creator

This is something that has been thought about very briefly, since its so dependent on the versatility of the engine it'd be fairly pointless even planning it now, but i've got a very short plan.

We'll almost certainly add passive magic effects. Magic items, pieces of armour and weaponry will be relatively common among high level lords and quests and will be claimable by the player. I'd also like to include Battle Wizards and similar magic users across the represented races as either Lords/Heroes or extremely expensive Merc units that can only be aquired from specific locations (Altorf Colleges of Repeated Mistakes/Magic for example). These classes, in their most basic form, will have a ranged weapon that fires a graphically unique and extremely powerful ranged projectile that we could manipulate the size of depending on level, but that's all i've really thought of so far.

Any suggestions would be appreciated on this front.

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Not any suggestions really, since I know very little about what is feasible and not terribly time consuming and not worth your time.

Will the player character have any form of access to using magic themselves?

hank you for the prompt answer.

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Vitallion Creator

If we can add custom skill points then likely yes. Most logical way to do it would be to have the player invest earned skill points per level upgrade into various magical skills, and from there the player can use more advanced magical items like Staffs.

Really does depend on what the situation with Bannerlord modability is on release though.

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