A mod for Star Wars Empire at War - Force of Corruption which adds new units and factions.

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It deserves a 10 because Halo is in it ^^

Its the best mod i ever played.


Very good mod, good textures and uses of the game's resources. Could use a bit more work but to say its a one man mod team, I'm very impresssed.


Akamia says

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This is the best concept for a mod I've seen so far, except, due to it's status as incomplete, I can't say it's the best mod I've seen so far... yet.

More than half of the new Heroes in the game, I don't recognize at all (a Halo hero has Captain Keyes' picture, but according to the game, it's not him). But I don't care. I just hope Master Chief or some other SPARTAN makes it into the Halo faction, complete with rechargeable shields and a vehicle jack ability. Even better, make SPARTANs a unit a Halo Universe player can buy, but only if they have planetary control of Reach.

The Goa'uld just NEEDS Apophis, and the Tau'ri just NEEDS SG-1!

I like the mess of factions you put in, sir. Good job. Once everything is done, you will have the supreme FoC mod. The one to rule them all.

one the greatest mods ever.you cant not have fun playing this

its awesome

Awesome mod! I love how many of the ships like in Star Trek do all these sweet backloops and hard turns like they should! I mean it's outer space, all ships should be able to move anywhere actually. Empire at War in general is good, but it needed more realisticness like moving in 3-dimensions instead of just moving across a board.


Whats not to like?


joonah says

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I am a long time fan of Star Trek, -Gate and -wars and I have to say this mod brings them all together, I love how realistic the phaser-power is on Star trek ships. You shoud realy add USS Emissery.
Here is an example Img23.imageshack.us

Galaxies at War is one of the greatest mods I have seen for EaW. Scratch that, it IS the Greatest. Naked Crook has worked on it single-handedly and literally created a NEW GAME. No help from anyone, except a few beta testers. The specifics and uniqueness of this mod is out of proportion. The unique heroes in the Halo Universe, and the hugeness of all the factions and specifics of it, is great.

GaW has recreated GC, and seeing IGC has recreated the PC gaming industry. This mod deserves 10/10...heck, it deserves 11/10. MY computer is not the greatest, it's seven years old and NOT ONCE has it crashed on me.

Halosprt, you are completely wrong when you say this mod is terrible. It is not, it is the best out there, and has created a whole new universe, combining almost everything Sci-Fi.

Naked Crook has done so much with this mod, while juggling a website, life, and anything else. Kudos to you!

and Congratulations on this JESUSLY EPIC GOD-LIKE game.

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It deserves a 10 because Halo is in it ^^

Aug 14 2010 by Grinder27