This mod is about strategy, resource management and map control. It has the following features: - Unique weapon system that forces you to adapt to your enemy tactics. - The unique gameplay for each of 9 races. Playing the Inquisition is very different, than playing orks. - The cost and squad/support caps of all units now depend on their power so a squad of terminators will be much more expensive than the squad of tactical marines. But it may be much more effective... - Low tiers are now has extremely important, because you will need a strong economics to step into tier2 or tier3. - A lot of new models, some of those were made especially for this mod. The mod is still in beta and has some placeholders (like chaos Hellbrute or tau Riptide). Stay tuned for new patches and releases.

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Yarael says

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Just badass !



Awesome mod!

Overall this mod is fun (kinda), but yes it is still in beta stages. :)

+10/0 points for beta reasons

Gameplay/immersion 5/10
Replayability 7/10
Learning curve 8/10
Story N/A
Balance 9/10
AI 8/10
Art/content 8/10
Functional 10/10
Polish N/A
1/0 free point for using our content (I THINK)
Worth the download? 7/10

The mod's quality and introduction at the start is perfect, but then it comes down to the core of the game which counts for every single project. Necrons for example I feel was not done well. Build radiuses are too small to field structures with no radial expansion (like in vanilla), but this time, everything is expensive like hell, lol. The economy in the beginning felt off like my UA 1.73 Necrons, and fielding armies in general is... bizzare. That's Necrons.

The caps and prices offsets the learning capabilities so you need to get used to it, but this is minor compared to damage tables... Once a Listening Post is built in tier 1, you're screwed over and trolled as it is invulnerable against infantry weapons. Not even a scratch is dealt, and the tiering for all races is crudely expensive... Too many waiting games.

Commanders die like flies, not standing a chance against a single large squad. Necron squad sizes are soooo large that it's funny but awesome. Titans? Where? The number of winconditions are also at low amount to customize your game freely. Well done on Eldar, I enjoyed them.

But the art and content makes up for this mod, even with an unfinished feel... Some beeping noises on Annihilation Barges death, some missing icons, Doom Scythe not firing gauss projectiles... But again, that is nit picky compared to core gameplay which is... needed to be revised.

Also what is with the structure builds positioning? The left half of your taskbar is empty...

The mod has GREAT potential, and the units and structures are new goodies. Implementation though.... eh.

Model improvements are good, like joining both destroyers together.

Overall good mod. :)


Adrian_ru says

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This mod is amaizing!


Best mod to date!

Это большой аванс!

Is Nice.


OFFIE says

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I just enjoy it

Very balanced mod. Even low-tier units can be effective in end-game. Also, this mod has pretty cool damage models. Heavy shootas/bolters will rip through infantry, but are no threat to tanks.

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Awesome mod!

Aug 19 2014 by Steellegion(bf.ST)