Galactic Armory is a total conversion/expansion mod for Blind Mind Studio's 4X hit Star Ruler. Featuring more than 100 subsystems and structures, upgraded graphics and sound effects as well as more refined and complex game mechanics, Galactic Armory takes the already deep and engaging gameplay of Star Ruler to a whole new level. Are you ready to face a galaxy full of challenges?

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Galactic Armory 1.5 for Star Ruler - Fixes and balance tweaks - New subsystems

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Galactic Armory 1.5 for Star Ruler has been released!


  • Fixed: Superlaser did not work because of wrong value designation
  • Balance: Artillery gains only range from link modifiers
  • Added: Gravitic Accelerator projectile weapon. Powerful, instant-hit, low ammo consumption, can not attack planets
  • Added: Multiplier for planetary damage resistance in settings.txt and structures.txt
  • Added/Changed various graphics
  • Added: Anti-surface weapons (Anti-Surface Warhead, NBC Warhead, Planet Buster)
  • Balance: Particle weapons (Ion Beam, Antimatter Projector, Particle Cannon) deal 20% more damage towards shields
  • Added: Heliocide Hull. Superweapon that can easily destroy a star. Mininum size 1000, no weapons allowed.
  • Balance: Trait "Currency-free economy" now provides a boost in mining/production rates, but only 2 instead of 4 trait points. Ammo fabricators and repair subsystems now also work correctly when this trait is selected.
  • Added: 4 new traits: "Antimatter Phobia", "Nanomachine Disaster", "Highly Religious", "Code of Honor"
  • Added: Laser (Pulsed) and Gatling Turret
  • Fixed: Planets now have the same amount of maximum hp with realistic generation as planets have with vanilla generation
  • Balance: Shields and Shield Armor were too strong; Anti-shield weapons were too weak
  • Balance: Added 1054 vanilla min range to Artillery
  • Changed: Switched AoE damage handling from old script, which enumerates all objects in a system, to triggerables. Cannot check for ownership of the targets anymore, though.
  • Changed: Main menu options in both advanced tabs from slider to input fields
  • Added: New "Clip Extension" subsystem that boosts the clipsize of missile rack type weapons and pulsed laser / gatling turret
  • Added: Fortress Hull
  • Fixed: Shield generators, hardeners and pulsed chargers were using a wrong formula for shield absorption

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