Ciao a tutti, ecco una mod per Amnesia The Dark Descent fatta da me, un fan di GabryGames, uno youtuber. La mod è in italiano, non è niente di che, molto semplice e buggosa :)

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- Nothing


- Author did not even try to make something good


I got cancer by playing this mod. You will hear from my lawyers shortly.

1/10 - Pointless, probably a troll mod


ohh, dat thumbnail picture was so fabulous but the mod itself hmmmmmm...... very depressing so much.

Anyway, it's now on my list.

No Story at all
Bad Mapping
Empty Note
A Single Puzzle(Very Easy)
Lame Scares
Too Short
ONLY ONE MAP!!!!1!!!1

Ok, where can i start? You Spawn in a giant room with the A Little Night Music from Mozart playing, then when you face the levers a grunt and a brute spawns and chase you, then you get killed. Then when you complete the lever puzzler(with the levers badly positioned)the shelf opens and again the monsters spawns and chase you and that's it

You should came up with a story line, characters, custom music, dialog, and do a very good mapping, otherwise your place is not here. Try again lad, you failed hard on your first try. I finished it on 3 minutes.

1/10 - Painful

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Basically you start in a giant room with nothing in it, walk down a hallway and get killed by a brute, go back down the hallway into a room with a blank note, 4 levers, and an empty book case. Then you pull one of the levers that opens the bookcase (the other ones are completely useless, just like this "mod" and it's creator) bookcase opens, you go through and get killed by a grunt. Then you go back down the hallway into the room, go behind the bookcase again, and run down a small hallway into a dark abyss. Then it rolls the credits and just tells the creators of Amnesia. This was clearly a spam mod made by a troll who has no talent and no interest in actually making something intelligent and creative.

jesus christ

Finished, for the second and the last time of my life.

Story: ✕
Nonexisting. Two notes with no text at all and three mementos, which said "-". = 1/10

Mapping: ✕
Few areas had a small, small bit of potential but otherwise, very very bad. = 1/10

Scare factor: ✕
Most of the scares were extrelemy lame. I admit, that a few scares were quite unexceptable, but otherwise I always knew when something was going to happen. = 2/10

Atmosphere: ✕
Nonexisting, like the story. 1/10

Puzzles: ⁓
I must actually admit that some of the puzzles were actually decently good. Strongest part of the story.
= 5/10

Bugs / Texture glitches: ⁓
No bugs seen, but a lots of texture errors. Bad thing I have to be honest with this. = 5/10

Music: ✕
Only music was the main theme in the first map, which was unbelieveably unfitting. Otherwise, no music. = 1/10

Creativity: ✕
Some puzzles were decent, but otherwise very bland. = 1/10

Final words:
Nothing to say. Except a warning:
There was EXTRELEMLY loud sound in one map, which basicly killed my ears. Beware :-)

Final grade: 2,1 ⁓ 2


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