A total conversion based on the Star Trek universe.

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While I may not speak any German. At all. Ever. I can still appreciate the quality of work used here. The ships are fantastically original, although, the lack of many of the most noticeable and memorable ships in the Federation and her allies is a little disappointing. Many of the planets are glaringly bright and flash at you, which is off putting. Their UI is fantastic, along with much of their research tree and, although lacking some key symbols, their user icons are pretty impressive too.

I'd suggest waiting for their next release, which should be in English, but definately give it a go.

lack of english translation.


it looks AMAZING i just wish i knew how to change it to english if they have something for that i would greatly thank the person who can give me advice on how to change the language to english but ya other than the game being in german its a GREAT game

ein absolut gelunger mod! nur weiterzuempfhelen! Die schiffsdesings sind gelungen, und die Rohstoff versorgung halte ich für sehr gut gebalanced. Ein Match kommt schneller zur sache als das reine SoaSE

best mod ever



THe mod is really bood but the only complaint is it is in German which after 30 minutes my brain started to hurt.

The Mod is bad because, the skills of the ships are to confused.
For Exemple. Cruiser haves Powerlessness.... this is too often

I'd give it a nine if it was a little more cannon. By that, I mean the Borg being stronger. The fact that it is in German brings it a point lower as well, although I do realize that it is the makers choice for whatever language to put it in.

The sheer quality of the mod though is amazing.


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