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Remember spending hours in the local pizza parlor, wasting quarter after quarter on games like Rush and Crusin' USA ? Yeah, those were the days. The days where a pickup truck could easily compete with a Ferrari and cars exploding on the race track wasn't only normal, it was a common occurrence. Too bad everything now is either “REALISM” or “STREET RACING”. Mostly realism. Want to go 200 miles per hour through a city without traffic, power sliding and trying to keep ahead? Oh, I'm sorry, but that there is a REALISTIC game. Hell, the games probably have realistic emission systems that fine you if your car pollutes too much. Well, we at Exploding Dog Entertainment think that is bullshit. Welcome to Full Speed, a balls to the wall, speed packed racing mod on the Source engine. Fuck tire wear, fuck licensed cars, and fuck anything that has anything to do with Racing and Rap. Our mod will consist of three modes. You have your normal Lap races, which are called “Normals”....


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