The Full Combat Rebalance mod is, so far, the biggest modification created for The Witcher. The combat mechanics have been remade almost from the scratch. The aim was to maximize the realism of the gameplay, this way making it more similar to the world created by Andrzej Sapkowski and maintaining the gameplay to the highest possible standard at the same time. The fights have became more brutal, they need more tactics and strategy, but on the other hand the combat system rules have become more logical. We warmly encourage you to test the modification on your own – and experience a completely new game!

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All this thing does is make monsters have stupid stun mechanics so they can kill you faster. Then you die extremely quickly if you're not able to jump over an enemy and get away from them.


I agree that FCR makes the game hard, but thats its purpose. The only way you can easily win in the game is to know all formulas beforehand (which i had written on a paper long time a go), then just make samun (stunt bomb) on act 2, or spectral oil on act 1, and youll be killing the dogs with a single blow . . . ok, maybe not a single blow but 3 usually does it.

it was fun playing the game like that. it offeres alot if you know your way around it. if you know where and when to get what weapon. and what type of build you wanna go.

the interesting part about the mod is that gerals (as in the book) cannot just stick with the signs, your choice is to pick one or two signs and move forward with it.

forget about the shields, the only ones you need is Igni (maybe), Arrd (Must Have), and Yrden (FOR SURE) you may not believe this but i killed the hardest bosses in the game with only 3 strikes by using Yrden, keep your points for that. then go with a certain style and a certain attribute. start with stamina then dexterity then strength.

if you follow it like that, FCR will be too easy, which believe me, at some point the game was like that for me. P.S. ( i only had one FULL play trough for the vanilla version and 2 FULL playtroughs with FCR. hence FCR = not difficult)

also im not a geeky nerd that plays the game over and over until he wins, NO, maybe sometimes i only dies 3 times in a row but never 4. and the only key to that success is good strategy. simple and clear.

a 10 out of 10. for making a ridiculously boring and easy game into something a little more challenging. the only thing challenging on the vanilla was all the patience you had to have for loading screens.

Made a relatively easy game more challenging. I highly recommend everyone try this mod at least once on a new game.

If there are certain aspects you don't want to change—for instance: I didn't want the new HUD or the new inherit night vision—then you can just disable those options during install.


Brand new Witcher.


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