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Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
May 27 2012 Anchor

This thread is for revising the translations made on the following vista point names. English is the default / correct name - French, German, Italian and Spanish may need correcting. Will update this thread after initial translations made.


TT 11001 "Little Bay"
TT 11002 "Hermit Isle"
TT 11003 "Grey Gorge"
TT 11004 "Red Valley"
TT 11005 "North Bay"
TT 11006 "Sunset Shore"
TT 11007 "Hawkeye Bridge"
TT 11008 "Smoldering Ridge"
TT 11009 "Grand View"
TT 11010 "Sun Spire"
TT 11011 "Torrid Bridge"
TT 11012 "Northern Pass"
TT 11013 "Amber Hill"
TT 11014 "Ghost Town"
TT 11015 "Ash Plain"
TT 11016 "Quakers Ridge"
TT 11017 "White Dunes"
TT 11018 "Crows Nest"
TT 11019 "Grand Pine Valley"


TT 11001 "Peu Baie"
TT 11002 "Ermite Île"
TT 11003 "Défilé Grise"
TT 11004 "Rouge Vallée"
TT 11005 "Nord Baie"
TT 11006 "Coucher De Soleil Rive"
TT 11007 "Faucon Œil Pont"
TT 11008 "Couvant Crête"
TT 11009 "Grandiose Voir"
TT 11010 "Flèche Dim"
TT 11011 "Pont Torrid"
TT 11012 "Nord Franchir"
TT 11013 "Ambre Coteau"
TT 11014 "Ville Morte"
TT 11015 "Cendres Plaine"
TT 11016 "Crête Séisme"
TT 11017 "Dunes Blanches"
TT 11018 "Corneilles Nid"
TT 11019 "Grandiose Pin Vallée"


TT 11001 "Pequeño Bahía"
TT 11002 "Isla Ermitaño"
TT 11003 "Gris Barranco"
TT 11004 "Valle Rojo"
TT 11005 "Norte Bahía"
TT 11006 "Puesta Del Sol Costa"
TT 11007 "Ojo De Halcón Puente"
TT 11008 "Que Arde Lentamente Acantiladoe"
TT 11009 "Magnífico Ver"
TT 11010 "Sol Chapitel"
TT 11011 "Ardiente Puente"
TT 11012 "Del Norte Carretera"
TT 11013 "Ámbar Colina"
TT 11014 "Ciudad Muerta"
TT 11015 "De Campo Cenizas"
TT 11016 "Acantilados Del Terremoto"
TT 11017 "Dunas Blancas"
TT 11018 "Cuervos Nido"
TT 11019 "Valle Magnífico Pino"


TT 11001 "Piccola Baia"
TT 11002 "Eremita Isola"
TT 11003 "Grigio Valley"
TT 11004 "Rosso Valley"
TT 11005 "Nord Baia"
TT 11006 "Tramonto Riva"
TT 11007 "Occhio Di Falco Ponte"
TT 11008 "Rovente Scogliera"
TT 11009 "Grande Vista"
TT 11010 "Dom Guglia"
TT 11011 "Masterizzazione Ponte"
TT 11012 "Nord Strada"
TT 11013 "Ambra Collina"
TT 11014 "Città Fantasma"
TT 11015 "Ash Campo"
TT 11016 "Terremoto Scogliere"
TT 11017 "Dune Bianche"
TT 11018 "Corvi Nido"
TT 11019 "Grande Pino Valle"

Edited by: Vetron

May 28 2012 Anchor

Hello, I'm from Spain and I speak a little english. I found errors in the spanish traduction:


TT 11001 "Pequeño Bahía" -> Bahía Pequeña
TT 11002 "Isla Ermitaño" (correct)
TT 11003 "Gris Barranco" -> Barranco Gris
TT 11004 "Valle Rojo" (correct)
TT 11005 "Norte Bahía" -> Bahía Norte
TT 11006 "Puesta Del Sol Costa" -> Costa Puesta Del Sol
TT 11007 "Ojo De Halcón Puente" -> Puente Ojo De Halcón
TT 11008 "Que Arde Lentamente Acantiladoe" -> ????
TT 11009 "Magnífico Ver" -> Vista Magnifica (not sure)
TT 11010 "Sol Chapitel" -> Torre del Sol
TT 11011 "Ardiente Puente" -> Puente Ardiente
TT 11012 "Del Norte Carretera" -> Paso Del Norte
TT 11013 "Ámbar Colina" -> Colina Ámbar
TT 11014 "Ciudad Muerta" -> Pueblo Fantasma
TT 11015 "De Campo Cenizas" (correct)
TT 11016 "Acantilados Del Terremoto" (correct)
TT 11017 "Dunas Blancas" (correct)
TT 11018 "Cuervos Nido" -> Nido de Cuervos
TT 11019 "Valle Magnífico Pino" -> Magnífico Valle del Pino (not sure)

Please, confirms the traduction.

Edited by: GerardMT

Jun 14 2012 Anchor

Correct Italian translations:

TT 11001 "Piccola Baia" -> "Baia Piccola"
TT 11002 "Eremita Isola" -> "Isola Eremita"
TT 11003 "Grigio Valley" -> "Dirupo Grigio"
TT 11004 "Rosso Valley" -> "Valle Scarlatta"
TT 11005 "Nord Baia" -> "Baia Nord"
TT 11006 "Tramonto Riva" -> "Costa del Tramonto"
TT 11007 "Occhio Di Falco Ponte" -> "Ponte Occhio di Falco"
TT 11008 "Rovente Scogliera" -> "Scogliera Rovente"
TT 11009 "Grande Vista" -> "Vista Mestosa"
TT 11010 "Dom Guglia" -> "Guglia del Sole"
TT 11011 "Masterizzazione Ponte" -> "Ponte Torrido"
TT 11012 "Nord Strada" -> "Passo Nordico"
TT 11013 "Ambra Collina" -> "Collina d'Ambra"
TT 11014 "Città Fantasma" -> "Città Fantasma"
TT 11015 "Ash Campo" -> "Pianura Incenerita"
TT 11016 "Terremoto Scogliere" -> "Catena Tremante"
TT 11017 "Dune Bianche" -> "Dune Bianche"
TT 11018 "Corvi Nido" -> "Nido dei Corvi"
TT 11019 "Grande Pino Valle" -> "Maestosa Valle dei Pini"

Let me know if you'll need something else.

Edited by: XBlackCatX

Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Jun 15 2012 Anchor

Thanks for updates to translations both of you :) I will likely be adding more vista point packs down the line and races too, so those will both need checking. I haven't even begun on implementing either of those yet, so will be a while before I'll need assist.

I am considering at a later point having the development tools and the mod package names themselves translated as well. But let me get all the english version fully finished first 8) Translating that right now would just mean extra work until the mod goes final, but the ability to just install and use everything in all languages is something I'm interested in adding eventually if possible.

- Vetron

Jun 15 2012 Anchor

Better late tha never. I propose another spanish translation. Its not literal in some of them, but it try to sound atractive:

TT 11001 "Little Bay" - Pequeña Bahía
TT 11002 "Hermit Isle" - Isla del ermitaño
TT 11003 "Grey Gorge"- Barranco Gris
TT 11004 "Red Valley" - Valle Rojo
TT 11005 "North Bay" - Bahía Norte
TT 11006 "Sunset Shore" - Anochecer en la Costa
TT 11007 "Hawkeye Bridge" - Puente Ojo de Halcón
TT 11008 "Smoldering Ridge"- Acantilado Ardiente
TT 11009 "Grand View" - Mirador
TT 11010 "Sun Spire" - "Torre del Sol" or "Punta del Sol"
TT 11011 "Torrid Bridge" - Puente en llamas (its like "on flames")
TT 11012 "Northern Pass" - Paso del Norte
TT 11013 "Amber Hill" - Colina ámbar
TT 11014 "Ghost Town" - Pueblo Fantasma
TT 11015 "Ash Plain" - Llano de cenizas
TT 11016 "Quakers Ridge" - Peligro de Derrumbe (its similar to a warning about avalanche, litterally, Danger of Collapse )
TT 11017 "White Dunes" - Dunas Blancas
TT 11018 "Crows Nest" - Nido de cuervos
TT 11019 "Grand Pine Valley" - Valle de los Grandes Pinos

Hope it helps.

Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Jun 15 2012 Anchor

Thanks. The names do not have to be literal for the vista point names, but as long as they can be interpreted as something similar then thats fine.

The TT 11016 "Quakers Ridge" is in an area prone to severe earthquakes, with 'quakers' referring to the quakes and ridge because its up on some hill. Rather than referring to an avalanche prone area.

- Vetron

Aug 8 2012 Anchor

I don't know if you still need it, but here's a French translation I've done:

TT 11001 "La Petite Baie"
TT 11002 "L'Île Solitaire"
TT 11003 "La Gorge Grise"
TT 11004 "La Vallée Rouge"
TT 11005 "La Baie Nord"
TT 11006 "La Rive du Soleil Couchant"
TT 11007 "Le Pont Hawkeye"
TT 11008 "La Crête Enfumée"
TT 11009 "Belle Vue"
TT 11010 "L'aiguille du Soleil"
TT 11011 "Le Pont Ardent"
TT 11012 "Le Col du Nord"
TT 11013 "La Colline Ambrée"
TT 11014 "La Ville Fantôme"
TT 11015 "La Plaine de Cendres"
TT 11016 "La Crête des Séisme"
TT 11017 "Les Dunes Blanches"
TT 11018 "Le Nid des Corneilles"
TT 11019 "La Vallée des Grands Pins"

Edited by: SonicYoung

Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Aug 9 2012 Anchor

Thanks to all those who contributed in this thread :)

Within the next month (after I release R2) I will start a new thread for "Vista Point Pack #2". There will be several of this Vista Point packs and eventually I will also need assistance in translating names for races when I get the unofficial expansion pack in later stages of development (right now I have several races developed, however there is no formal build compiled yet).

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