FUEL: REFUELED is an enhancement modification for the game FUEL, which brings multiple bug-fixes, improvements and the addition of various new content.

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Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Sep 20 2010 Anchor

Found an impressive spot in the game? Post here with a set of co-ordinates and a screenshot and it may even be included in a future release of FUEL: REFUELED! :D

FUEL: REFUELED - New Vista Points
Co-ordinates: 54054 10454 (Included in V14.4)

Oct 3 2010 Anchor

How do you get coordinates and screenshots for the location you're at? Printscreen comes out black, and I have no idea where the game displays the coordinates.

Also, is there a limit to how many vista points the game can handle, or can we eventually just fill the whole map with cool/silly/fun places?

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Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Oct 3 2010 Anchor

You'll need to install/enable debug mode to see the co-ordinates. Also when I take screenshots I'm running the game in window mode (run the game with '-W' in the shortcut). There's a good video guide that Miles Snowpaw made here that shows how to manually enable debug mode and shows off some of the various functions etc.

I'm not sure there is a limit - as of 15.1 there is now 200 vista points (over double of what the original game had (90). I just keep adding any cool or convenient spawn points as I come across them or people send them to me.

I added a really good one in 15.1 which is one of the trickiest to get yet - its in Redrock Bluffs - I'll get a screenshot up mid week when I release it. 8)

Oct 15 2010 Anchor

User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image
User Posted ImageUser Posted ImageUser Posted Image

Unfortunately, I don't have the debug mode enabled.

This place is just beautiful. Great nature, serpentine roads, huge rocky slope and drowned city down ahead, snowy peaks on the horizon.

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Dec 25 2010 Anchor

One thing that bugs me is that I notice, at least on Tsunami Reef, that there is a lot of vista points on islands, along with roads that appear to extend out into the water (but never do).

Is there any way to get across the water to these islands?

Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Dec 25 2010 Anchor

anelaidlives wrote: Is there any way to get across the water to these islands?

Yes, once you unlock the Trident Hovercraft you can literally just drive across. I believe its one of the bonus vehicles unlock-able in the zone Mount Rainier.

Dec 25 2010 Anchor

Oh, that makes sense.

I kept trying to find some type of hidden path and ended up dieing horribly each time.

Mar 25 2011 Anchor

Yeah, more vista more good, thx vetron.!!!....

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