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Patch #5 bugs by me (Games : FUEL : Mods : FUEL: REFUELED : Forum : Patch #3 / Patch #4 / Patch #5 Feedback : Patch #5 bugs by me) Locked
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Apr 4 2013 Anchor

Hello everyone, this is my bug list that I will gradually fill in, as I will most likely complete the whole game and see what's still bugged.

~ points in vehicles stats are orange for those that are filled and grey for those that are empty. not necessarily a bug as actual stats are visible, although without any patches I recall empty points are invisible, and aside from that, on some previous patch I tested, empty points are orange, like filled ones, which make stats useless.

~ Seek'n'Destroy, 3rd challenge race on Tsunami Reef, the one when you race with muscle car - with patch 5 and refueled 2013[r2] you cant complete it, the first car is barely touchable, and the second one just keeps the distance of minimum ~5 meters, even with perfect driving, cutting corners perfectly. had to revert to patch 3 and refueled from 2012 to complete this challenge

That'll be all. for now.

Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Apr 9 2013 Anchor

Thanks for your help with bugs reported :)

  1. Hard to explain in short, but essentially REFUELED and patches introduced an entirely new and more accurate rating system - so when you activate a previous patch you'll see it all orange or all invisible because the scale is wildly different by a huge factor. I added the the grey bars to symbol to give a measure of performance, as if you just started the game you have no way of knowing what scale the performance point system runs on. Working as intended if I've understood you correctly.
  2. I'll look at that challenge now, will take me moments to fix (simple tweak of AI values) - if you encounter other races like this then let me know.
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