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Fix for Mudhog Front Wheels (Games : FUEL : Mods : FUEL: REFUELED : Forum : Suggestions & Wish-list : Fix for Mudhog Front Wheels) Locked
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Jul 18 2011 Anchor

I noticed that the Buggy 30_Mudhog has a bug in which the front tires don't procude any skidmarks or dust trails. The bug is also present in the retail game, so it has nothing to do with the mod.

I managed to fix that by editing some parameters of the vehicleparams.tsc (or vehiclePP.java in the mod):

VehiclePP 55 0.18 // 0.25 Front Wheels Height. (the wheels were flying after changing VehiclePP 64, so i had to put them on the floor again)

VehiclePP 64 -0.4 // -1.3 Front Skidmarks/Dust Trails Position. (the skidmarks/dust trails were hidden below the terrain)

Also, the Mudhog has another bug, in which the car has 4-Wheel Drive (and it should be Rear Wheel Drive).

This is fixed by editing this parameter:

VehiclePP 46 0 // 1 FRONT WHEEL DRIVE - 0 = OFF 1 = ON

Note that disabling the FWD affects the acceleration and top speed negatively, so it has to be compensated by setting higher values to parameters VehiclePP 324 and VehiclePP 327 !!!

It may also affect handling/grip, but no idea about solving that yet...

Jul 20 2011 Anchor

Nice find there!

On a side note; could we please create a list of any and all vehicleparams.tsc parameters we find? I found number of gears and gear ratios and stuff, will post tomorrow when I'm on the computer my FUEL install is on :rolleyes:


Jul 22 2011 Anchor

just created a wiki here: fuelmodding (dot) wikia (dot) com/wiki/VEHICLESPARAM.TSC

Feel free to add any info you have ;-)

Or feel free to post them in this forum :-)

back on topic, i don't know if the 4WD Mudhog is a bug or a feature...

Oh, and the correct value of the parameter VehiclePP 64 is -0.36 instead of -0.4. seems that when moving the wheels down, the skidmarks were also moved.

Jul 24 2011 Anchor

I just tried to post in the Knowledgebase but that forum is read only. Have PM'ed Vetron about this issue, currently waiting for a reply from him.


Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Jul 24 2011 Anchor

Hi people, I've unlocked those two forums so you can post there if you want - if you need any of the existing threads unlocked (they go to read only after long inactivity) then let me know via PM.

If you post in the knowledge base forum then please try and keep threads tidy with proper titles, descriptions on what the thread is about and such, makes it easier for people to search and look up stuff. I was going to post a lot more info there, but its pretty time consuming, so haven't done any in a while.

I'm still in the process of stabilizing V15.4.3 as it has a habit of crashing (as I'm sure you've noticed lol) - but useful bug fixes such as this I can include come next patch.

Jul 26 2011 Anchor

i know it may be off-topic, but the wiki i started has been deleted...

btw, looking forward to next version of Refueled.

Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Jul 27 2011 Anchor

Just to let you know that I've added-in your fix for the Mudhog to the next build of REFUELED, i've also made some changes so that it is also only rear wheel drive (I've compensated for the lack of acceleration with value 323, and a few other minor changes of other values - its of very similar performance to how it was before). Many of the vehicles in this game are like this in that they are either AWD, FWD or RWD when they shouldn't be, something I'd like to have corrected eventually for all vehicles in a later release.

Jul 30 2011 Anchor

Thanks. I have more info about parameters:

VehiclePP 49 (rear) and VehiclePP 50 (front):
Wheels rotating speed. Higher values mean faster rotation.
This two parameters are the same number when all wheels have the same diameter. When front and rear wheels are different diameter, the smaller wheels rotate faster, so a higher value is needed for the smaller wheel.
You can also increase both parameters to achieve a higher top speed.

VehiclePP 91:
It controls how close the engine gets to the Max RPM. Example: If the car Max RPM is 9000, setting a value of 0.001 (low value) will make the engine reach about 8950 RPM. On the other side, setting a value of 0.050 (higher value) will make the car reach only about 8100 RPM. This affects acceleration and top speed.

VehiclePP 377:
It affects the engine behaviour. I think the values can be 0 or 1.

VehiclePP 379:
It affects acceleration and maybe top speed. The effects of this parameter depend on VehiclePP 377.
If VehiclePP 377 = 0, then lower values provide faster acceleration.
If VehiclePP 377 = 1, then higher values provide faster acceleration.

VehiclePP 68:
I think it has something to do with the gear shift. Lower values seem to be better.

VehiclePP 58:
It affects the height of the front suspension. Lower values make the suspension higher.

VehiclePP 61:
It affects the height of the rear suspension. Lower values make the suspension higher.

VehiclePP 46 and VehiclePP 47 are Front and Rear wheel drive. 0=OFF, 1=ON

Hope this helps.

Edited by: hi-ban

Aug 11 2011 Anchor

Thread is now up in the Knowledge Base. Feel free to add to it ^___^

Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Aug 24 2011 Anchor

I'm currently on the hunt for what causes vehicle dirtiness, i.e. what controls how quickly vehicles become dirty and then loose their dirtiness upon returning to the road. I would love to make the effect more realistic and not instantly disappear once you hit tarmac again lol. If you come across this then let me know! :D

I've also made changes to the twin freaks bike (made it RWD only), slowly working through a few others now (checking which vehicles are actually the right drive layout was never something I noted to do before you brought it up) and have begun publishing drive layout information client side via the garage UI (mays well given that the info for these vehicles is known).

Edited by: Vetron

Oct 8 2011 Anchor

note that removing 4WD from vehicles affects negatively to grip, and makes harder to climb walls.

Jan 13 2012 Anchor

What's annoying about the Twin Freaks bike is, even if you "fix" the drive layout, there's still wheels getting drive that shouldn't be (the sidecar).

I'm looking at all the vehicles right now, the following I believe to have the incorrect drivetrain, while I'm pretty familiar with cars and stuff I'm no mechanic or engineer, so feel free to discuss or disagree:
AWD, should be RWD: Road Hog, Mosquito, Doomsday, Stunthussy, Fanatic, Speed Demon, Schadenfreude, Steelfang, Stormrider(?)*, Stratospheric(?), Deathgrin, Bullet(?), Enforcer(???), Wild Wolf(?), Scorpion, Flash, Sidewinder(?), Sabretooth, Devastator
*several of the muscle cars are hard to tell or ambiguous because of the lack of detail where the wheels and suspension meet the rest of the car. If you ask me though, there's something just not right with a 4WD muscle car (almost an oxymoron), so the majority of the class should be RWD, imho.
RWD, should be AWD: Spider Wraith, Firefly, One Eyed Jack, Zero G, Viper(?), General Custer
The Avenger buggy is an odd one, its RWD, but looks like it should be FWD (rear engine, front wheel drive? seems counter intuitive)

Edited by: MadDogV2

Jan 15 2012 Anchor

I've seen motorbikes with 2-wheel-drive =) the heavy IMZ-Ural bikes come to mind.
I would also agree that the classic muscle-car layout is FR, even for the Custer, as it is clearly modeled after the Mustang.


Jan 17 2012 Anchor

Twin freaks however from the looks of it doesn't have a way of transmitting power to the sidecar wheel. The Custer if you manage to get a glimpse of the underside you can see it has both a front and rear differential.

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