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Vetron FUEL: REFUELED Developer
Dec 31 2010 Anchor

This thread is for use in discussing AddHubCareerRaces.

AddHubCareerRaces is used to declare a created challenge race as part of the user-interface / player progression. It also controls which TT's corresponds to the Career Race Name.


AddHubCareerRaces "Islands" "CR4-Isla-RD" 15103 NONE

  1. "Islands" corosponds to one of the declared SetHubTargetInfos, 'Islands' is in fact Tsunami Reef.
  2. "CR4-Isla-RD" is the internal name of the race that corresponds to what has been declared in a _EMD file.
  3. '15103' corresponds to the TT which sets the name of the challenge. In this case "Ocean Rush".
  4. 'NONE' corresponds to the TT which sets the description of the challenge, Career races do not use this command.

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