Freelancer The Nomad Legcy is the project, inspired by Alpha and Beta versions of Freelancer. Nomad Legacy is it project, inspired by Alpha and Beta versions of Freelancer. Are you want to change everything on your ship, watch Blackhole and play new storyline? You can find it there!

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Cpt_Rei_Fukai says

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This mod modifies everything that is possible and even more, in an awesome manner. It even includes a whole new story for you to play. I reward only 9/10 because the balance can be too though at times, in my opinion.


Xalrok says

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This mod is definitely worth trying, and don't be put off by most of it being in Russian. Nomad Legacy feels less like a mod and more like an "alternate vanilla" as if Freelancer had been designed this way from the beginning. The map has been completely rebuilt and rearranged into an alternate Sirius Sector, with familiar but also different factions.

Nomad Legacy also looks really nice visually despite mostly using assets from the vanilla game. Upgrading your ship is much more interesting in terms of equipment variety, including engines and powerplants. For a mod with a brand new custom campaign it's also very stable and I only encountered crashes and bugs rarely.

My only criticism would be that the mod can be very slow paced in the beginning when your ship has less upgrades, as well as some major difficulty spikes in parts of the campaign.

Edit: After a second playthrough I take back what I said about the mod's difficulty. As long as you fully upgrade your ship before missions you should have no problems.


CKYRules says

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