Fractured Realms is a mod for OpenRA, created by members of the French CnCSaga Community. The background story is taking place in a far future, where remnants of the ancient Federation are fighting against their former colonies over the control of a powerful resource called "Diastim". 3 factions will be available: the brutal Red Alliance, the fanatical Order of the Baneslayer and the mysterious Conclave of Horizon. New factions, units and terrain assets will be progressively implemented.

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A new version of Playtest is available with many mechanical, balance and visual changes

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A new version of Playtest is available, along with its patch and the changes listed below.

Corrected change for version 20190115:

  • The visual to repair the buildings is now present.
  • Jotuun and Garm no longer have secondary capacity.
  • Some aspects of the armament have been modified: the comet, the desolator, the scarab, the jotuun, the eradicator, the ranger.
  • Defenses are now disabled if you have a lack of energy.
  • The "aura" of repair has been simplified, instead of having a different bubble for each type of device (which in combination was a bit too monstrous!) Has been simplified, only the structure and the vehicle / plane can to be combined.
  • The visuals on the "pips" ammo are bigger, which allows a more pleasant visual rendering.
  • The size of the zenith was revised, its load capacity forcing it to land on the ground, it was removed and equipped with a weapon.
  • The refresh icon in the multiplayer game was not present, it is now fixed.
  • Selectors on buildings are more appropriate.
  • The “Oreo” and “Duplo” map has been modified.
  • The visual range of buildings, vehicles, scouts, infantry and aircraft has been revised "generically".
  • The range of weapons was also discussed in a "generic".
  • The DoomTower no longer has the effect of proximity damage, prices have been revised downward.
  • The jotuun and electrocute model has been reviewed.
  • The EMP effect of the Electrocuter has been removed.
  • the cost of defense has been reviewed.
  • The ratatosk beacon is no longer healing, it is now a visual beacon.
  • New Tileset to beautify cards.
  • More Gibbs!


* The Dwarf is now laying a plasma mine, Baneslayer Order likes the plasma! *


* Get out the big plasma gun! *

  • The cost of collectors has increased from $ 1000 to $ 1400.
  • Reduction of production times of certain mobile structures of the alliance.
  • Unit rotations and speed have already been reviewed in a "generic" way.
  • The improvement of the Hydra now allows it to deploy as it should.
  • The Nidhogg's EMP rifle must be maintained, the target must be maintained for a period of time before being paralyzed.
  • The Troll and the Dwarf unite are reversed on the doctrines.
  • Due to the lack of available infantry for the Order, Jotuun and Vanir are no longer lockers in the doctrines.
  • The troll has been changed, it is now a unit "deploy support".
  • The Dwarf has been modified, it is no longer an offensive vehicle but a plasma mine setter.

The PlayTest version 20190115 and available in the "files" section :

Edit: for the owner of the Linux distribution, Moddb does not load the file, here is the link for the file on the drive :

Feel free to participate in the development of the mod, the latter is still in PlayTest, we have a Discord

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