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Post detailing soon-coming 0.4 release, along with a WIP changelog.

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I've taken some time recently to try and finish certain features I had planned for this project. In a few days I'll be releasing a new version that addresses a considerable number of issues with previous releases, including the issue of local profiles and settings.

In 0.4, splitscreen players will be able to save their settings to a locally stored profile referenced by their player name. These profiles are stored on the local disk and persist across multiple sessions. Currently, player names are still locked to the first player plus a number (fox, fox(2), etc.), so settings are effectively stored per-controller - however, before release I hope to implement fields in the options menu for local players to set their names, allowing local players to tailor settings to their preference.

Additionally, stick aiming has been worked on to yield tighter response with less delay. Players now also have the option to choose how their stick sensitivity is curved (linear, quadratic, cubic), allowing a wider variety of aiming solutions via the stick. A "Fine Aim" function was also added, which decreases sensitivity while held, allowing players to use a scheme with high sensitivity for close quarters while still retaining a ranged aiming solution.

The full changelog is as follows: (work in progress, subject to change)
v0.4 (WIP):

  • Audio levels now adjust to account for the number of splitscreen viewports active
  • Swap Splitscreen Control key removed (could cause issues including profile corruption if client exited to main menu)
  • New "Fine Aiming" function that shrinks the crosshair and sets finer aim sensitivity to allow for easier long-range shots
  • Any support hacks applied for splitscreen functionality (such as disabling of music, dialogue, etc.) are now instantly reverted when the game is no longer in a splitscreen state
  • Death messages are now disabled in a splitscreen game (less HUD spam for the smaller screens)
  • Improved autoaim mechanics slightly
  • Splitscreen clients can now always enter the game menu properly (could get stuck on the chat tab previously)
  • Quick-Pick weapon wheel is now shown when switching weapons in splitscreen (there is no HUD indication of what you're cycling through otherwise)
  • Switch to Best Weapon on gamepads will now switch to the driver's seat in a vehicle (in addition to next/prev weapon cycling seats)
  • Added a new "Splitscreen Players" option to dynamically select number of splitscreen players (from 0 to 3), can be used in-game to dynamically add/remove players as well
  • Removed the "Add Splitscreen Player" control (use the new option instead)
  • Improved Warfare support in splitscreen - the (fullscreen) map no longer automatically shows when a player dies in splitscreen
  • Tweaked default gamepad controls to accomodate the new Fine Aiming function, as well as move the Impact Hammer off right stick (was easy to accidentally activate in heated combat)
  • Implemented working look-to-steer controls and the associated Vehicle Controls option
  • Implemented a local profile system to save splitscreen players' settings. Currently saves settings by the local player number (2nd players' settings will always be 2nd players' settings), but this will be expanded in the future
  • Replaced the quick-turn adjustment with a sensitivity curve option, allowing players to curve stick sensititivity over a linear, quadratic or cubic function. A linear curve yields turning speeds directly proportional to how far the stick is pushed, whereas quadratic and cubic curves yield fine aiming centers that curve upwards for quick turning. Previous versions of the mod use a quadratic curve; vanilla UT used a linear curve.
  • Added bindable "Drop Flag / Orb" control
  • All shared settings (such as network speed, custom character loading, etc.) are now only set by the first player
  • "Small Weapons" option is now set per-player in split-screen, instead of globally
  • Keyboard bindings are no longer set on splitscreen players for less menu clutter, unless bAllowSplitscreenPlayerKeyboardBinds in UTGame.ini is set to true

If you still enjoy playing games with friends on a couch, keep an eye out over the next days. Enjoy!


Really looking forward to the local profile system! Also glad to hear the hammer bind getting dropped from defaults - my girlfriend dies from that constantly. Another one I'd suggest nixing - "autoswitch weapon on pickup" - turns weapon pickups into hazards which get you killed.

My one request would be to make the quickpick wheel optional. I think the whole point of the quickpick wheel is that it allows users to choose between a beginner and advanced method for switching weapons. Those of us who've assigned and memorized a direct bind for every weapon, or can consistently calculate the correct number of times to tap "weapon up" and "weapon down" to reach any weapon, would REALLY rather not have our view of combat be blocked by unnecessary information. My friends and I have played UT3 splitscreen since the [inferior] 360 port and never needed the quickpick wheel.

Keep up the good work!

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foxBoxInc Author

Good suggestions. I can definitely wire in a new "Show Quick-Pick Peek on Weapon Select" option under the Weapons tab.

Also, you should now be able to set "Switch Weapon on Pickup" for local players and have it stick with the new profile system.

Thanks for the feedback - enjoy!

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Awesome, can't wait for the release!

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