Improved AI, Hor+ FOV widescreen support, proper splitscreen support and improved gamepad support for Unreal Tournament 3

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Awesome Mod! Near Perfect! If only more PC games would have splitscreen support.


take that Epic/GBX/Ubi etc.

cuz i love splitscreen :)


This excellent mod fixes controller support and adds split screen, while fixing other things such as FOV on widescreen and AI fixes. An absolute must have mod for couch pc gamers.


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Pretty amazing mod/mutator. I couldn't believe how simple it was to get working. I took my PC to a friend's a couple weeks ago and played 4-player together with 4 360 controllers. Probably the most local multiplayer fun I've had since the Goldeneye 64 days. We're doing it again soon and I've been looking around for new maps and mutators to spice up the experience. So much fun, so much excitement to enjoy a great fps four-player split-screen in 2014 on a huge HDTV.


Awesome work, stable and perfectly working, some features would be missing but, well... it's nothing!

Caused game to crash on start.


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