Players have survived a crash landing and must hold out the from the Forest Deamons in which they have awakened.

Forsaken Forest Survival is a Multi-player Tower defense map in the which players are stranded waiting for an Airship to escape. The players must explore their surroundings, choose a location to build and use their survivors to construct Defenses to fend off waves of enemies for 40 minutes until finally the Rescuing Airship arrives. Players must then dare a run from the remains of their bases to the Escape ship to win the map.

Key features
Freedom to build anywhere on the map
Upgradable Tower Defenses
2 Specialized Tech tree paths Siege and Arcane
3 Unique Heroes
Conditional AI
Progressively difficult randomized creature Waves
Scripted Boss Monster

I first started the map 2 years ago as a project to keep my mind off loosing a job to car accident, since then it has grown into one of my favorite maps going through over 30 local test runs before releasing it now to the public.

If you have the time and enjoy playing the map I would appreciate it if you could send replays to with the subject "Forsaken Forest - Replay". I've done my best to balance the towers and waves but the more replays i have to look over new groups of players the better i can add more conditional AI features and spot redundant/dominant strats.

The AI has some listening conditions and the wave generation has been heavily inspired by a card game magic the gathering. Their is currently only one boss type implemented but I have intentions of randomizing this boss from one of 3 once I've gathered more information on how people find the current content.

Update Log
1.42 - Player 6 Farm income fixed and Blink Exploits prevented with additional path blocking.

RSS Articles

Happy new year! I hope you all have a good 2016

It's really been humbling to see just how many downloads and plays Forsaken Forest has received over the last 2 years. I was talking to a friend at work about how its nice knowing its being downloaded ad couple of times a day. So I did some simple math on it, the mod has just over 4000 downloads from the 3 sites it's hosted. Since only the host usually downloads the map that's between 3-6 times a large for players :) my most played Solo mod project yet.

Guessing 3 minimum players, 4000 downloads and the average play session to be 30 minutes.

thats 3x4000x0.5= 6000 hours, which is 250 days of time.

Starting this map made me realize how much i enjoyed making games again, I went back to university doing computer games design, I learn't to program and use 3D software. Carried on practicing my art and modding then eventually graduated with a First class Honours. After two small jobs I started working as a Junior Artist 6 months after graduating. Whilst all this has meant a great deal to me, so does the modding that lead me back on track.

It’s been fantastic hearing and seeing the bits of feedback and hearing about and seeing some the fun times and game drama. Some of you guys have even sent screenshots and messages, help me find some bugs in it. Which is a lot more than i had originally expected and even some gameplay videos :) I love the social drama in these styles of games it’s been great creating game mechanics that support/encourage it. (Gameplay video by KVA Tube)

I think Co-op Survival really is my favorite style of game and Warcraft 3 even after 14 years, really is still a fantastic game to play them. I’m also happy to announce that I’ve been creating a new Classic castle defence map, which I have created about 15 minutes of content for so far which supports up to 8 players and I plan on continuing to support the Warcraft 3 modding community alongside my other modding projects where i can.

Thanks for reading I wish you all the best in 2016.

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Forsaken Forest - Survival v1.42 Public

Forsaken Forest - Survival v1.42 Public

Full Version

Update Log: 1.42 - Player 6 Farm income fixed and Blink Exploits prevented with additional path blocking.

Forsaken Forest - Survival v1.41 Public

Forsaken Forest - Survival v1.41 Public

Full Version

Special Thanks to: Kevin MacLeod - Royalty Free Music Leon, Ati, Mike and Tom - Testers

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