The Floris Mod Pack is a compilation of a lot of mods for Mount & Blade Warband, combining the best and adding even more.

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This mod is a dream come true . sometimes it crashes but despite this, it's awesome:)) thank you!


Grani says

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This is what every Warband player should download as fast as possible!

Gameplay-wise I see only pros and no cons at all. I think the best thing about Floris mod pack is that it only adds to the game. If it changes anything, for example tournaments, then there is most likely an option to turn it off and make Native-like again!
That's why Native players will not miss anything of standard Warband, but will additionally find a whole bunch of cool features! I cannot even decide what feature I like the best - maybe joining a lord's army as a soldier? Maybe ships? I bet I still haven't discovered everything yet!

However, what is inevitable when using custom modules, I have experienced some technical problems. Crashes occur, not regularly, but they are still a nuisance. I have also found out that for me expanded tournaments don't work at all - the game crashes when I try to enter one. For now on, I had to turn them off and stick with Native ones. The game also lagged a few times and I had to restart the computer.
On the other hand, however, I haven't noticed many bugs, really. It's really nice that a mix of all these different modules can run that smoothly and not interfere with one another.

Quick pros:
+It's still Native, but much better!
+A LOT of features, big and small, that should be implemented in Native to begin with!
+Generally no bugs
Quick cons:
-Technical issues and crashes

I wouldn't give it a 10, though it's almost perfect. If only the mod was more stable (though it IS quite stable) it would be definitetely the best grade. However, giving 9 would be too cruel for this single downside, therefore I decided to give this 10. After all, it's still the best Warband module out there!

Overall amazing mod.


This mode is amazing! Do yourself a favor and download it!


Jarnis says

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This is the best mod ever four Warband Really good work.

Makes the game better in every way, just amazing.

Great Mod, would recommend to anyone who wants an enhanced version of Mount and Blade Warband

2 simple words - OH YEAH!!!!

I love this mod makes the game so much better in every way! xD But only yesterday I came across a glitch where I go to start a new character and I click to continue to make the face I get the sound of gaining money and a black screen. I have tried waiting for a bit for it to load and making a different character with a different background but I still get this glitch... I'd be a very happy person if some one could help me out.

Just awesome!

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This mod is a dream come true . sometimes it crashes but despite this, it's awesome:)) thank you!

Mar 24 2012 by sataribus