Flex DM is a fast paced multiplayer mod that is centered around turrets. You create a turret by crouching and rolling a grenade (right click) Each turret has a life span of 3 minutes, or a bullet limit of 300. Your turrets do not hurt you, and will not shoot at you. You get credit for your turret's kills. Version 2.0 additions: Additions / Features: 3 Different "classes" of grenades. 1. Standard Grenade 2. Turret 3. Hopper Use X to switch grenade classes when you have your grenade active. Fixed crashing issues and rewrote code. Main menu fixed. Dedicated server address: Throw a grenade to create a turret or hopper if that class is selected, roll a grenade to create a turret or hopper where you are standing. Updated graphics and AI. Turrets live 3 minutes, then dissipate. Turret's base now more stable. Website: Forum: Download:

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