Five Nights at Brennenburg

Level design and Scripting by Kayotic


This project is postponed due to me having to serve in the military. In my country it is mandatory and for 9 more months I won't be able to work with this mod, I deeply apologize for the inactivity and I promise I'll work on it when this is over. It would really help if you left a comment saying that you love the idea of this mod, it would motivate me more than anything.

Join Daniel and help him survive from the Brennenburg servants in a FNAF based experience made in the HPL2 Engine. You possess some of Alexanders sci fi technology to see where the servants are and close the doors beside you if necessary but be careful, these things drain fuel and your oil is limited.


-Power Usage.
-Camera System.
-A randomized AI for 4 (?) enemies.
-Easter Eggs and Secrets.
-Custom Sounds (from various artists).
-Alternative Endings.
-6th and Custom Night.
-Horrific Atmosphere.
-All in one map only.


  • Map: 83%
  • Lighting: 94%
  • Doors: 100%
  • Lights: 100%
  • Cameras: 98%
  • Power System 75%
  • Monster AI: 40%
  • Easter Eggs: 0%
  • Night Levels: 20%
  • Custom Difficulty: 0%

Overall, this custom story is 44% ready, it still needs lots of work.

If the idea of this custom story excites you, please consider leaving some
feedback, it will definitely help and motivate me. Stay tuned for
upcoming events and articles on my blog.

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Today I recorded everything I needed for the camera usage, what this means is I'm currently working on a camera system and I've come with an idea. I'm also gonna add coloured oil potions to show the player their power usage, as it's impossible to me at least, to create a gui like fnaf's just in a custom story. The player will be able to see their power left by looking at the barrel at the left side of them, and the time by the clock at the right side of them. I still have A LOT to do with the recordings though, such as transform them into gifs and then export each frame to a seperate jpg file and I'm kinda rolling my eyes back whenever I'm thinking that I have to do this, but I saw some of your guys feedback and it kept me motivated :) If you want this mod to keep going, please consider leaving some more feedback as it motivates me a lot to keep working hard on it! Thank you all and have a nice day.


Still working on the map.

Still working on the map.


The mod is still under development and it will require some time before it releases out in the open world, I'm not planning on releasing a Demo version...

Kayotic Creator

I'm really sorry this takes so long to complete, if you read the description you'll see why this project is difficult for me to finish but you guys have my word that I will keep working on it, thank you all for your support, I might even consider releasing a demo that consists only one night.

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Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee complete

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man pls continue thiz looks very coool

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You must finish this mod, looks promising even I don't like FNAF series.

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man pls continue this awesome

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i love it please continue

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