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In 2025 smog and combustion gas completely destroyed the atmosphere, thanks to this Greenland and Antarctica turned into water and covered most of the coastal land. Only a few rich and mediterranean countries survived, because they built powerful water shields. One thing was clear: no more pollution. In 2045 the planet became more resistent - scientists developed huge generators, which produce cooling field in the atmosphere. Mankind definitively disjoined travelling into space, because once the field was activated, there was no way to shut it down. Year is 2089 and the planet appear differently. Controlling of the states belongs to the global corporations, which represents something like a government. The ecology is on the highest level - you won´t find a classic car or old-time factory. In the middle of this clean age is corporation called MarkoTech, pharmaceutical syndicate with its secret genetic projects... The story takes place in the city of Shenzhen, where geneticaly designed...


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