This modification will add Finnish faction to Men of War Assault Squad 1 & 2 along with multiple campaigns for the Finnish side. The campaigns will be based on Winter war's last battles, Continuation war's "attack phase", advance along Kirov-railway in 1941 and 1942, defensive battles of 1944 and Lapland war. Each faction will be unique and player has to adapt his play-style to use advantages and disadvantages to defeat their enemies. German faction has most elite infantry formations, but they lack heavier tanks and heavy artillery. Russians are well armed, have heavy-armor support, have more infantry, but their infantry aren't as well trained and experienced as Finnish and German counterparts. Finnish faction will be "in-between" the Germans and USSR, having enough equipment for attacks & defending areas. Shortcomings of the Finnish faction is lack of mobility and the tank costs.

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RSS Finnish forward observers (Artillery) (view original)
Finnish forward observers (Artillery)
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najs :)

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Are those 2 soldiers (far left and second far right) wearing soviet helmets or a domestic design?

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Caselius Author

They have Soviet helmets, their gear varied a lot. Even some frontline units used captured helmets, but they weren't as common as Swedish (still missing from the mod unfortunately) or German helmets.

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Perskeles ku on hienoa duunia! Kumpa jostain saisit laitettua suomi kp:n autettisen äänen tähän olis komiaa kuuneltavaa.

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In the picture, you can see Finnish forward observer squad.

Finnish artillery had big problems during Winter War: ammunition was low and most of the guns were old, some were even from 19th-century.
Many Soviet artillery pieces were captured in encircling battles (notably Suomussalmi) and they were put to use with some success.

During Continuation War, Finnish army still didn't have standardized artillery pieces and there were guns from all over the world. Finnish ammunition supplies were better than in Winter war despite the logistical nightmare and there was no lack of rounds during Summer 1944's defensive battles.

One forward observer during Battle of Tali-Ihantala could direct 200-artillery pieces at the same time because of artillery reorganization and new tactics done by Artillery General Vilho Nenonen.

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