Find Stephano, a short custom story for Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It was made for PewDiePie.

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Enough with PewDiePie maps people! There's plenty already and they're all terrible!


Good things:
-Well filled rooms

Bad things:
-Lame, rushed mod
-Based off of a youtuber
-Not scary in the slightest
-Empty corridors
-Simple quests
-Things don't make sense

Okay, I am a fan of PewDiePie...
But not a fan of these kind of mods.

First of all, this wasn't scary at all whether it was supposed to be or not. Just the constant use of monsters. If that naked guy in a closet was supposed to be a jumpscare, you'll have to do better than that.

Laudanumanamunamanunamunumanunamanum... interesting.

There isn't much of a challenge to this story except to find PewDiePie's bros. That right there is a cliché, but anyway... All the quests are pretty much just key quests.

Most of the rooms are nicely filled but a lot of the corridors are empty and the mod itself was rushed and boring.

Now I would have rated this cs a 1/10 but I didn't because I see quite a bit of potential in you.

2/10 Painful

This game was really fun. The part when we had to do a chasing scene was really pathetic though. There were lots of times where you had me thinking the Grunt was going to get me :P But overall, the game was reallly fun xD. I'd like to see you make another one.


Excellent mod!

Fun xD

Haha awesome mod *Brofist!*


DashN says

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Would have given 10 if mod were named "Where is Waldo".




this was funny i rate it a 8/10 XD

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