You need a program called unlgp to be able to unrar lgp-archives (FF7- gamefiles), or to be able to repack them again. Download UNLGP. Learn how to use it through it's readme-file and then do the following to install my addons. Readme in folder. 1. Back up your "char.lgp" found in your FF7/data/field folder. Then unpack it using UNLGP and rename that folder "char". You can unrar an lgp-archive by doubleclicking on the lgp-file after you have installed the program unlgp. Put all the field-model files in your new "char"-folder. Aeriths textures are now compatible! When you have decided who you want to add you should create a new lgp-file. You can do this easy by clicking on "swift" at the same time while you are right-clicking on the folder. Click on "create lgp" as it will be such an option. The file will then be created and you should wait until it finishes. Make sure the file is named char.lgp. Reppeat the same process for the rest in menu_us.lgp and battle.lgp. Tifa's Bootleg add-on.

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NEW Dyne Playable character RELEASED!
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I've just finished my new FF7 character Dyne, replacing Barret Wallace in the field and in the battles - all models are swaped, nine in total.

Credits to Grimmy for making the NPC battle model compatible with the playable character commands during last summer of 2017, and to Kaldarasha for the wonderful Barret model used for NPC Dyne in both the field and battle - he created the base-model.

I've re-riged the Barret-model created by Kaldarasha for Young-Dyne, Boss-Dyne and Field-Dyne.

Then i've riged the Dyne original FF7 model for Young-Barret, Sailor-Barret, Field-Barret, Parachute-Barret and one of the two included battle models of Barret (one is based on the Barret-model and i did rig it). Grimmy hex-edited the original NPC-model which is the other one.

Then i've finished the Dyne-Avatar and added the limit-breaks and Kernels by Grimmy that he did also finish last summer.

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