FFT 1.3 is a fan-made modification of Squaresoft's game Final Fantasy Tactics for the Playstation and Playstation Portable gaming systems. It greatly increases the difficulty of the game and rebalances gameplay mechanics. 1.3 is not a storyline patch and does not affect the game's plot or character development.

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Has evolved much from the original 1.3 idea but is fun to play and breathes new life into the game. 9/10!

I have not fully finished 1.3 but i will say that this patch does what it's supposed to do. Not only that but the creator is constantly updating this patch with balance fixes and new content for the player to enjoy.


Good mod. I have yet to experience ALL of it, but so far the rebalance and increased difficulty has made for an overall amazing experience. I look forward to finishing the game and smashing my way through the challenges ahead.


Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 is an excellent example of what a dedicated team can do with the Final Fantasy Tactics engine. New characters, improved sprites, overhauled mechanics all come together into an extremely slick and well polished mod.

This mod really inspired me to get into Final Fantasy Tactics modding. Seeing what this team did and how well the trailers looked will hook any Tactics veteran.

These great high points though are made moot by a difficulty that borders on insane and fights with the AI that can take upwards of 45 minutes to complete when running the game at 3x speed. In many ways this mod is the pinnacle of Final Fantasy Tactics modding, however in the end it is not actually fun to play. If you are a hardcore Tactics player (such as doing the Calculator Challenge) then you may enjoy the gameplay of this mod. Everyone else should stay clear though.


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This game was the game that threw it all over the edge. I played this game longer than any other game I've played before. I logged definitely over 1,000 hours in gameplay. This game is packed with so many side-quests, fights, and characters! You can spend so many fun-filled hours just building your team to demolish anything that you come into contact with. I haven't even mentioned the patch yet! Now, there are even MORE battles which require intricate techniques to complete. With the 1.3 patch, it really makes you think. Everything was made more difficult to challenge the player. Honestly, this game has got to be one of the best ever made...and that is not an opinion it is FACT. If you enjoy strategy games, you will LOVE this game. Give it a try today!


The 1.3 mod brings a new level of difficulty to FFT. New features have been added, classes have been revamped and rebalanced to add a new layer of party customization. Some skills/jobs that were considered useless in the original game may now play a key role in surviving battle. Classes featured in the PSP version have been added, giving players who never owned a PSP the chance for even more new classes.

The story has not been tampered with, allowing first time players to get the full experience of the plot along with a higher difficulty than ever before, and returning fans desiring a new FFT experience are sure to get one. The game requires more preparation time. One cannot simply hope to win by charging into battle blindly. Monsters have been buffed, and new generics have been placed to provide a splash of flavor to the battles. With frequent updates, you can be sure that there will always be something new to try.


Strays too far from the game to be called just a difficulty mod. Some sprites are horribly done, especially the Marche one. Marche himself seems to appear randomly, with Ramza instantly assuming he isn't from Ivalice, which makes no sense.

Some changes look to be changes for the sake of it. Not fun to play, unless you like random changes and a ton of hard battles that punish you for even gaining a few levels.


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