• Independent widescreen mod
• HUD, scopes, and binoculars supported to 48:9 or more
• FOV supported to about 32:9 (depending on personal preference)
• Installer
• Bundles select additional fixes as well
• Technically the most "FarOut" widescreen mod available :)

Development is temporarily paused while I work on BRP and such. Either send a private message here, or join the original Far Cry 1 Community on Discord for support. It's an entire independent community of fans and modders. Verification may be required upon joining.

Q: which options?
A: lua only. No optional letter-boxing at mild ratios like 16:9!

The C++ version might flicker during loading for some people, but is noted as experimental. If you're an advanced user, and it does not flicker: perhaps try it. Should be slightly nicer in a few ways.

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RSS Articles

Tight integration with select mods is coming. Starting with the entire Matto series. Everything from weapon scopes to the custom menus, if letterboxing is needed.

Here's a few screenshots.

dual wield in rain

Boat Scene

Here's the P99 from Matto3 at 24:9 before

P99 Before

and after (with HUD floated to 1920 width)

P99 After

Not much else to add. Should release within a week, and is done with permission. I had a ton of fun just testing these! The need to add widescreen support is not the fault of MattoMedia, the game simply is not intended to be played at widescreen ratios. FarOut Widescreen is still very young, and subject to change/upgrade. The integration package will be updated as the project changes ... adding painless support for new mods along the way. Well that's the plan anyway!

Exit Plan

GOG fixes FarCry

GOG fixes FarCry

News 2 comments

GOG has updated FarCry, and this is a pretty big deal

Dedicated Discord Server

Dedicated Discord Server

News 3 comments

Announcing the arrival of a Discord server dedicated to this project and (FarCry) widescreen issues!

FarCry. Just wider! (FarOut Widescreen 1.0)

FarCry. Just wider! (FarOut Widescreen 1.0)

News 5 comments

Full ultra-widescreen support for FarCry 1 has arrived.

RSS Files
FarOut Widescreen 1.0 - 1.1 WIP

FarOut Widescreen 1.0 - 1.1 WIP

Full Version 27 comments

Pinned download. This is the newest version available at any given time. Will be updated in place weekly, monthly, or as needed.

FarOut Launcher 1.0 Beta B2 (OUTDATED)

FarOut Launcher 1.0 Beta B2 (OUTDATED)

Demo 1 comment

New version of the Mod Launcher, complete with an upgraded version of FarOut Widescreen

FarOut Launcher 1.0 Beta B1 (OUTDATED)

FarOut Launcher 1.0 Beta B1 (OUTDATED)


The first public build of the "FarOut Launcher", which handles integration with select mods!

FarOut Widescreen 1.0 Final

FarOut Widescreen 1.0 Final

Full Version 8 comments

1.0 Final Bundle .. Hud and fully textured scopes supported up at ratios up to 48:9! As well as certain important fixes.

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Tarka-Daal - - 5 comments

Hello FarOutCry

Thank you for this mod, it is the first time I have been able to play without a stretched hud for this game & I have just one question please.

Can I use the console command e_terrain_lod_ratio = "0" with your mod to load the distant LOD's in.

I have a Systemcfgoverride.cfg file in the main folder of this game with these commands inside the file(pls see below) & I have dev mode ticked in the mod launcher, I have typed it in the console as well but the only command that doesn't work is that one.

e_detail_texture_min_fov = "1.4"
e_obj_view_dist_ratio = "100"
e_shadow_maps_size_ratio = "2000"
e_shadow_maps_view_dist_ratio = "80"
e_vegetation_sprites_distance_ratio = "6"
r_Texture_Anisotropic_Level = "16"
e_active_shadow_maps_receving = "6"
e_terrain_lod_ratio = "0"

I also unticked dev mode in the launcher & put the dev mode line in the the target line like this.

"H:\Games\Far Cry\Mods\FarOut_Widescreen\FarOut Launcher.exe" -devmode, but still have had no joy getting it to work.

Thank you for any help you may give me as well.

Edit: Problem solved, I should have typed it like this in the console:

\e_terrain_lod_ratio = "0" I missed off the slash symbol

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Guest - - 688,627 comments

Hi, thanks for doing this mod, it's alleviated many issues I've had however one big one remains with this error where the game freezes after entering the game: (Laptop with Win11 Pro)

Exception Code: 0xC0000005
Exception Addr: 0x0023:0x3550C6C6
Exception Module: <Unknown>
Exception Description: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION, Attempt to read from address 0x00000004

The memory could not be "read"

Call Stack Trace:
18) function=0x3550C6C6
17) function=0x3550CF29
16) function=0x3550D3C0
15) function=0x3550D468
14) function=0x3550D4B5
13) function=0x35504E64
12) function=0x310490B1
11) function=0x3101358A
10) function=0x310204E6
9) function=0x3651590A
8) function=0x330C0C32
7) function=0x330BE880
6) function=0x37001AA8
5) function=0x37004093
4) function=0x779B7D59
3) function=0x77EAB79B
2) function=0x77EAB71F
1) function=0x0

. Question, I have the Steam version, 1.4 now would I necessarily install the AMD 64bit patch or is that only meant for the base 1.3 game? So then how would I get 64bit compatibility then with this mod? Only with 64bit patch over 1.3? Thank you for your selfless work on all of this.

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FarOutCry Creator
FarOutCry - - 237 comments

Well first off. Use the lua version. Should not be responsible for any crashes.

You need to downgrade to 1.3 first before installing the AMD 64bit patch. Though there is a way to install the Exclusive Content Update on 1.4. Nothing in it is inherently exclusive to 1.4. It was a bit of a trick to promote AMD64

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guest_134532 - - 224 comments

Why is almost every comment on here buried?

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FarOutCry Creator
FarOutCry - - 237 comments

That's a question for a psychologist. There's a determined effort to destroy all things FarCry (and to then own the ruins)

Roughly speaking, of course

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generalamnesie - - 1 comments

Awesome, thanks!
Works flawlessly in Steam under Win11

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FarOutCry Creator
FarOutCry - - 237 comments

Good to hear!

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triple_agent - - 158 comments

Any way to embed this mod in base game data, so that the mod was launched not as a mod but as a steady part of the game, allowing this way to possibly further load other mods on top of it? Unless there is some kind of multi-loader for mods in 'Far Cry', but still embedding your 'FarOut Widescreen' mod in said way would be neat, it is basically a staple.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
FarOutCry Creator
FarOutCry - - 237 comments

Yea. Depending on which version you are using, you can indeed have it be part of the base game.

When you use the lua version, you could move the .pak fil into the Far Cry/FCData folder. Rename it so that it has an X at the start of its file name. It will then load last, and over-write the game's original scripts. Your results may vary. The Tent AI bug fix can be moved over as well

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triple_agent - - 158 comments

What about the CFG file with FOV info stored?

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FarOutCry Creator
FarOutCry - - 237 comments

Well good point. Remember the "A FarOut Widescreen [lua-only].pak" that we renamed and moved to FCData earlier? This is a zip file. Open it as a zip file and you'll have to edit two files in it. So those files are
"Scripts\GUI\HudCommon.lua" and "Scripts\MenuScreens\UISystem.lua".

They might be read only, so check that first. Both of them have a line that says

local path = "Mods".."/"..UI.FarOut.configpath.."/".."FarOut Widescreen.cfg";

You'll need to change that to be

local path = "FarOut Widescreen.cfg";

Save the changes, and carefully update the .pak file. You now have a FarOut Widescreen that this permanently installed. But this isn't a great idea since it won't work with certain mods. (many of them in fact)

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