Bringing The Fallout Universe into an empire building genre, take control of one of the Wasteland Factions vying for the power and control of the wastes. Guns, Melee, Power Armour, Gunships, Espionage, Diplomacy. What tools will you use to Tame the Wastes? Blood will be spilt and empires will be forged, because we all know. War Never Changes....

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What can I say other than that this mod is the reason why I went out and got Civ 4.

Decided to play as the NCR and at about turn 200 I had ****** off the local tribes and Super Mutants and as always the Enclave but gained the love of The Brother Hood and the Ghouls. So eventually I went to war with the muties, tribes and the Enclave and wiped them all out along with the slavers. And being in the spirit of the NCR I turned around and wasted the brother hood and culled the Ghouls because hey you've got to play the lore of your faction or it wouldn't be much of a fallout game, sorry mod.

But no joke the work that has gone into this mod is absolutely epic. Everything from resources to technology research to units and the way you level your towns has been changed to have a fallout theme. I can not wait to see more of this especially since its only in "alpha". It dead set feels like its a finished product. And if you're a fallout fan and enjoy Civ 4 then this mod is diffidently worth the download.


Alpha review:

The game thus far seems really good, the creator freely communicates with people, and the feel of the game itself is just amazing. Keep up the good work.


Really great, this mod is what I always wanted with a Strategy Game in the Fallout Universe

This mod is combining two of my favorite games together


One of the best Civ4 mods I've ever played!


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This mod has robots in it. What more could it need?


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