Fallout remake will be a total conversion for Fallout 3. The idea of the project is to re-create Fallout 1 Plot summary: You are The Vaultdweller from Vault 13 and your mission is to find the water purification parts, or else the Vault 13 will get water no more.You are forced to leave the Vault.Then you must wander around the wasteland in hope to find the parts somewhere.There will be alot of sidequests just like the original.I am aiming for a game that is alot more like what Interplay had in mind than Bethesda. The Capital wasteland will be replaced with the Southern California, like its in Fallout 1. My first task is to recreate the whole Vault 13 and replace all the scripts so I can replace the start of fallout 3 with this new one. The stats screen will be like it was in fallout 1. If you want to be part of this, just tell your interest in the comment section, and I will contact you.I need help if you want to see this project done.

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Usually when indie game/mod maker is quiet for over a week, he's either making something big or taking a break. Well I have kinda done both..

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Fallout Remake, an insane project to make Fallout 1 remake with Fallout 3 engine, is coming along fine. I promissed I get Vault 13 ready in a week, and I did, kinda.The vault itself is ready, but I gonna have hell of a lot to do with all the scripts.Im not good with scripting so this is gonna take for a while to get everything working as it should.

Heres some things I still need to do to vault13:

  • Backround music (Radiosystem maybe?)
  • Possibly quests or random happenings (like Vault dwellers going on strike)
  • All the conversations
  • The same stat system that Fallout1 had
  • Replace all the scripted scenes with something that fits with the plot
  • Make the game start from the dungeon that leads away from Vault, just like in Fallout1
  • + I haven't yet mip-mapped Vault costume so it doesnt yet work (easy to take care of)

I need people that can script or voice act!!


Great to see your progress, and hey, if you done the vault job, you'll get the scripting, right?

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someone need to help this guy. coz i would hate to see this die

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Was the stat system in Fallout 1 different than 3? I don't know, but I do know from Oblivion modding, you're going to have a helluva time actually changing the stat system, IF it's even possible.

Good luck though.

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here is what yo ugotta do, make the molerats disturbingly tiny and use them aas place holders for actualy rats.

also reskin them black

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