This is not a Modpack this is a Total conversion. The mods are heavily modifyed and changed so the game will work just like STALKER game style. Mod was made by Mirci33 And also credits to the modders who made the awesome weapons and armors that I edited in this total conversion. Project took a few moths of assembling and turned out well. The mod is a simple unzip and install and replace any files that ask to be replaced process. Once you download the file just unzip and place into the Fallout NV main folder where the exe to start the game is at.

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carlkuwait says

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Very nice Stalker armor and guns. Nice work on the gun play. Brings a better fps feel to the game.


Kwok99 says

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Great conversion, clearly a labour of love, visuals look great and pays some justice to the stalker series.


ElGorilla says

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I'd rather just play STALKER :)))))))))))))

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