Version 9.0 has been uploaded! It can be found at the Downloads page of this mod. It's still a WIP, so expect some issues.

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Feb 25 2010 Anchor

Things fixed in V7.1:
*Blood decal lifetime increase
*Removed the damage to player when they're exhausted, instead you blink a lot.
*Fixed the Talon Company disguise issue.
*Fixed the mine weight issue
*Removed the NVG character model, it not being there is better than it being embedded in your shoulder.
*Fixed turning off needs leaving you with 100 of every player need stat
*Stopped the player from doing his/her business in the middle of a fight.

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Feb 27 2010 Anchor

So far the only thing I've encountered is that if you turn off human needs with any of the needs activated, it stays that way untill player needs is enabled again and you fulfill that need.

Feb 27 2010 Anchor

Alright, I'll look into it.

EDIT: thanks for the heads-up, that issue has been resolved.

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May 1 2010 Anchor

Some things I have found in version 7.0
- Needs: You get +10 of Special Intelligence (intelligence goes from 1 to 10). It must be +1 or +2, not +10
- Radroach Meat: There is something wrong with the parameters of Radroach meat. When you eat some of them, the system crash. And if you have the Food Sanitizer, and the Abraxo cleaner, and you eat the Radroach meat, you get radiation.

improvements / Comments
- Needs: At the begining of the game, when needs are not activated, you still get the bonus in some Special and skills. If needs is not activated, it´s better to get 0 bonus.
- Weapons: In the original Fallout 3, Some quests gives you special weapons, like Agatha's Station Blackhawk, Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG, ... With the mod, you can find similar weapons without doing these quest, making side quest less attractive.

By te way, great mod !!!

May 2 2010 Anchor

Did you get these errors in V7.1? Or were you just playing V7?


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May 3 2010 Anchor

I get these errors in V7.

I´ll play V7.1 and check them.

May 4 2010 Anchor

Alright, you should do that, as V7.1 should fix a few of these problems. Others are just casualties caused by the path I chose with this mod (such as the special weapons), and they really aren't glitches.


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May 5 2010 Anchor

I did the test with V7.1 and there are still the issues
- Needs: You get +10 of Special Intelligence
- Radroach Meat: If you have the Food Sanitizer, and the Abraxo cleaner, and you eat the Radroach meat, you get radiation.


May 5 2010 Anchor

Alright, I'll check it out, thanks for the heads up :)


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May 6 2010 Anchor

bug: armored vault 101 armor is considered for riders as you are disguised which is not correct

May 6 2010 Anchor

Lunov, the Armored Vault 101 suit does not add you to the raider faction... Are you sure that this bug occurred in V7.1?

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May 25 2010 Anchor

hey did you solve the tree glitch issue i did, its in the preference settings in my documents i just edited default LOD tree settings to 0 no problems since, using version 5. when defaults are set ie deleting the preferences and fallout.ini it sets the trees to load basic at far distance and a new texture layered over when up close but since ur textured trees didnt cover the old far distance image it loads it as it usually would but ur trees have smaller trucks therefore seeing the most annoying glitch to your whole dam mod which i quite enjoy so hope this helps if u hadnt figured it out i can send u my .ini files if u need.

May 25 2010 Anchor

Exvalid, you're a genius! I knew that the LOD's were there so that you'd see something at a range when the tree was gone, but I never thought to check the .ini files for the answer. Thanks to you, I'm bringing green trees back in Fallout 3 Reborn V8. Thanks again for the bug fix :)


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Jun 29 2010 Anchor

Bugs in V7.1:
- I can't restore exhausted, I sleeped for 50 hours before i get well rested (its silly)
- I can't stop bleeding from my head, no bandages, stimpacs or other stuff not help

In my opinion, DoNotDisturb have right, its to much bonus for inteligence, +1 or +2 is definely better. Another thing, its timescale. This is real, if the time in the game is so speed and our need are getting low each 5-10 minutes of real time? Come on, in the game i had eated 10 times often and much more food thar real life ;p so why he's not fat? I suggest to set timescale to 1, but only in house terminal, beacuse it will crush the game, when we are in a vault 101 at the beggining.

Also i thing ammo should weight something (the option for hardcores like me ;] ). Lets be trully, its not mod for pus**s but real mother***** whos killing machines. The best will survive the hell ;] its most suggested to nukes and missiles, who the hell will carried 8 or 10 mini nukes bomb? or 10 missiles?

Btw, there we can spot a weapons mods like scopes, sillencers or clip exteners on Wasterlands? In a stashes, bodys? I'm not spot any of them, only already moded weapons (in my opinion its big fun to modding your weapon personaly :D )

Night its very dark... and thats all. Why we should fear the nights? There is as well dagnerous as a daylight. Can you make about species hunt time? The best freaking monsters will travel to the Wasterlands on the nights, and at day the Raiders will attack scavengers, travelers, cities? Hm?

BUT THE BIGGEST BUG TO ME IS... Bank. Come on, there is a world after nuclear holocaust, there is no energy, no internet, everybody is wathing for themselfs and there someone have time and suplies to create a bank? How the hell he will transfered my caps from Rivet City to Megatona? By mail? ;p

I wondered, if we could cripped arms and legs, but not killing hostiles? ;] Imagine how pleasure screams may be ;]

The last thing - its possible to make taunts? Like "You fu***s", "Holy shit" when enemies throuht granate in you, or "What a f***" when we meet deathclaw ;] ?

REBORN MOD is F***** Awsome! "Jestem hardkorem"!

Jun 29 2010 Anchor

Use jet for now. For some reason, only the player house beds can restore your mental alertness. This is fixed in V8, however.

The bleed-out effect lasts 5 minutes. Continuously apply healing aid until it dissipates.

For the last time, that was a typo! I must have forgot to delete the "0" when I put the "1" in.

In Fallout 3, timescale is 30:1 to real-life. So a minute in the game is half an hour in Fallout 3. I'm pretty sure after 3-5 hours in real-life you'd be at least slightly hungry? It doesn't bother me, as in fallout 3, you stumble across food all the time, hell, half the enemies you kill are a source of food.

As for ammo weight, did you miss the ammo max feature? It's pretty much the same thing, just less frustrating. Giving ammo weight is impossible in the GECK anyhow, the only way to manage it is a special script of some kind.

Nope, but every variation of weapon you could ever want can be found in the wasteland. I don't see the point in putting hours of work into such a needless feature, if you want a weapon, get out there and find it :P

Why should you fear the night more than the day? This isn't a vampire game :P
I don't understand why everyone thinks that night should be terrifying.

A bug is an unintended problem with the game. The bank is there for practical purposes, now that Caps have weight, you need a place to store them, preferably a place that gives you interest, and can be accessed from several locations. If you want to remove unrealistic things, then I guess all the muties should go too :P

I wish I could do dismemberment that doesn't kill, I wish.

You probably could, but it's so cheesy and Unreal Tournament, that it would feel out of place in a realism mod. There is already a mod kind of like this, anyhow.


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Jun 30 2010 Anchor

Ok, lets get back about weapons kits. In Westelands I can meet a weapon, whose got scopes + sillencer + exterded clip at one time? The ACOG scope is my favorite :D about other questions - I just found mods, who makes game much more i wish ;] I suggest you a Marts Mutant Mod RC 5, beacuse animals like ghouls and deathclaw are much more agressive. I use also mods for immersive healt and blood screen. Check out also my post about Maximum Realism in Suggestions Thread.

Last thing - you didnt upgrade weapons from DLCs? Now im in the Pitt and weapons like Wild Bills Sidearm are very weak, Gauss Gun from Anchorage also take less damage than custon laser pistol. I supose Lookout Point weapons are also weaker than Reborn guns? It too bad, dude.

Wish fun with creating V8, see ya!

Jul 1 2010 Anchor

Yeah, I think there you could probably find that somewhere. Although I may have capped the max upgrades at 2, to avoid a million weapon variations which would take many more hours to put together.

Modding the DLC is a bitch, it takes a LOT of work, and it is problematic, at best. I'm not even bothering with it for V7. V8 will hopefully have DLC support, however.

I'll go check out your thread now,



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Jul 3 2010 Anchor

New bug! I notice, that medicine gives not very much bonus, from lvl 0 to 72 stimpacs hp bonus ups only 1 point, so why the hell I upgrading medicine?
I suggest set this: from lvl 1-24 - 1hp/50sec, from 25-49, 2hp/50s, from 50-74 - 3hp/50s, from 75-99 - 4hp/50s, 100 gives 5hp/50s, and after that we can say we are master of medicine ;]

And one thing, I spot only bleeding injuries from new ones, so what for is bandages, blood or else?

Jul 10 2010 Anchor

Bryan Wilks is non-existant, I did not kill him and have not found him dead anywhere. I know kids can die now but come on; death by some other creature when your not around makes doing quests very difficult. Unfortunately I can't seem to get the "Those" quest to start without him. Lesko is more or less unresponsive. Is there any way to find the boy or even console commands to spawn him?

I definately think this is a bug. I never found bryan. I did span him though
~ -- to bring up command window
prid 00033096 -- targets bryan
moveto player -- brings him to you (exit command window -- he was dead for me to back into command window (prid again)
resurrect -- resurrects the targeted actor

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