Lands of Mordor is a Fallout 1.02 (US version) based mod, that requires having Killap's RP 2.33 pre-installed. It brings more attention to wasteland fighting. New balance in weaponry and armor, faster XP gain (2-3 times faster than in original game), modified critters, and overall higher challenge. Created for (more or less) experienced players of Fallout 2, who prefer playing as a fighter character. Sorry, but stealth/charisma- boy players will most likely fail, as critters now are likely to resist a lot of damage types. Whereas over 90% of original Fallout2 players preferred small guns, here all sorts of skills will come in handy. Some of the beasts of wasteland will be almost invulnerable to normal damages, and it will take another sort of weaponry to humble them down: fire, laser, plasma, electricity, explosions, or EMI. Altogether, there is 7 damage types in Fallout. Why use only 1? All that beautiful big guns were made plain useless in F2. Now you're gonna like them miniguns :)

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