Falagar is a huge mod (min 50h) that aims at bringing the player an actual adventure, just like in the good old days. Party character development in various ways, exploration of the vast world and discovering of the many secrets which grant much needed bonuses, are the main focus of the modification. A number of changes to the main game's mechanics and systems have been added to bring fresh air, even for seasoned players of Legend of Grimrock. The replay value, even more so than in the base game, is pretty high due to the nature of traits, character choice and requirements. The difficulty is well balanced, even on hard, while an easy mode is available from the start. There are, of course, traps to avoid, riddles and mysteries to unfold and many of the over 100 secrets (extra XP) are optional and the required ones should not pose a real problem. The story is rather simple: your task is to find all of the four elemental spheres and slay the Dragonrider and its numerous guardian bosses.

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Oh, the infamous swamp area. Many adventurers and parties got stuck here or lost their minds in this convoluted mess of thick fog, nasty critters, riddles and dangerous traps. Mind you, it is completely optional, but who would really shy away from a little challenge and still consider themselves brave adventurers?!

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Guide to Rutted Moor (Updated version 1_35)

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  1. Underwater platform – do as the sign NE dictates and ponder for a while to spawn a magic bridge/teleport. V - Removes the teleporter near V1.

  2. Ornate key dropped by the Dolmen at 2a), can be used for the locked door at 2b). The lever SSW of 2b) opens passage to the Dunes. A keylock just SE of 2b) opens a teleport to the southern isle (accessed by crossing the river near X).

  3. Use the rusty lever multiple times to lower the bridge next to it. The one east of 9b) gets stuck in place after repairing the bridge to the north of it.

  4. Tunnel through the Grotto leading from a) to b). Below, find the timed backdoor teleporter in the water (west) that appears after opening the impassable door.

  5. Visit the circles (underwater platforms), then return to step on the plate at 5). The "X" will no longer teleport projectiles back towards you and allow crossing the river once the pressure plate on the other side.

  6. Use the levers at 6a), 6b) and the pressure plate at 6c) in order to open the entrance at 6b).

  7. In the NE, use the dark bolt spell or the dark wand to "bring the dark" by snuffing out the forest lantern that got lit by the pressure platform. In the SW, you need to lower the spear barrier first.

  8. Pressure plate opening the ruins at 9a). The lever nearby lowers a bridge to the main land.

  9. Defeat the crab at 9a) to open the sealed ruins in the center at 9b). Use another ornate key to escape, the snake holds the graveyard key, granting access to another optional area.

    A word of warning: The laboratory west of 7) can be quite challenging for an inexperienced party and you will get trapped and have to fight through. Make sure you do a hard save before entering this dungeon.


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