This is a total conversion mod for Crusader Kings 2 aiming to bring the Forgotten Realms RPG setting to the game. While we have striven to be faithful to the setting, some things had to be changed in order to work properly with Crusader Kings 2's mechanics.

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DREasy says

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First look at 0.30: this is a promising mod but it's short on content.

The map is great and the graphics are generally good. The character class structure is a good start, but needs meaningful decisions to be interesting. A few Great Works meaningful to the setting have been placed, but better use could be made of this game feature. Buildings are mostly vanilla and that's mostly OK. (It does seem like a missed opportunity for adding Forgotten Realms lore to the game experience though.) There are no historical bloodlines, which is disappointing, and forged bloodlines seem to be vanilla. Societies are thinly reskinned, though this is more understandable given the amount of work required to add a functional society to CK2. I was pleased by the patron deity feature, although some important characters probably need to have their patrons already selected in the history files.

No doubt a lot of good work has gone into the mod already and I think the team should be proud of getting to this point. While the bare patches I've noted above do hurt the experience, I'm confident that future versions will address those concerns. Keep up the good work!


guivieira2 says

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Great mod, still misses some lore and more magic, but it's a great start!! Can't await to see the final version!!


Pluffel says

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Love it


BingBongTheFingFong says

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The current version of this mod is horrible.I would say this is just a different map. Their is no flavor and playing as a custom character is very boring I would even say the mod took away flavor from vanilla ck2. No magic system which is very dissapointing I hope that when they add it it doesn't become a stupid 4 spell system with no flavor. Their are basically no custom traits and if their are no flavor is with them. This is all I have to say.


Countern says

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A great fantasy overhaul mod. Contains: huge map and a variety of playable characters; classes like Druid, Fighter, Paladin, Sorcerer, etc.; fantasy races you see on any fantasy-based stories/mods; and much more. I would recommend giving a shot on trying out this mod.


Mr_John_Silver says

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