This mod is set in Games Workshop's, great Warhammer 40,000 ( 40k ) universe. Each map pits Imperial Space Marines against the Tyranid swarm and the Legions of Chaos, competing in a series of mission objectives, culminating in a battle to decide the fate of the planet. Latest scheduled play times and list of servers:

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Amazing mod! One of the few 40k fps mods out, a definite good time.

40k is epic
this mod needs to be suported by all means necesary

Fun :D
Must play for any 40k fans

this is a worst ******* thing i have ever played

10/10 could use some work

Died from the lack of apothecaries? Good

So far, even in alpha state, it has enough features to be attractive, challenging and most of all, playable and fun. I'm hoping to be able to contribute and help this mod get bigger and better


Best Warhammer 40k game I have played so far

Looks really fun to play!

It's breddy gud

Inredibly good mod for all the fans of 40k

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Highest Rated (4 agree) 10/10

Incredible mod I havent played it yet but im sure its good nice and warmy for the winter nights of 2010/2011

Nov 29 2010 by MatejFilaković