This mod is set in Games Workshop's, great Warhammer 40,000 ( 40k ) universe. Each map pits Imperial Space Marines against the Tyranid swarm and the Legions of Chaos, competing in a series of mission objectives, culminating in a battle to decide the fate of the planet. Latest scheduled play times and list of servers:

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WH40k themed, multiplayer mod Exterminatus has just released Beta 8 to run on the Source SDK 2013.

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Since spring of 2014 I have been working on migration of Exterminatus to the 2013 version of the Source SDK. Players should find this version is more stable, has shorter loading times and a high frame rate than the previous Beta which uses the 2007 Source SDK.

Mitch has set up a new dedicated server in Australia ( [AU] Mitch's Exterminatus Server) with encouragement from Ceadda. The new server should be listed in the in-game server browser, but you can connect direct at

Installer Download
Exterminatus Beta 8 (Installer)

Zip Download
Exterminatus Beta 8 (Zip)

Installation instructions

  • Install the "Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer" to your steam library (it's listed under "tools").
  • Run the Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer at least once. You can exit once the menu has finished loading.
  • If you already have a copy of the EX beta, delete it.
  • Run the Beta installer and follow it's instructions.
  • Restart Steam. You should now see both the Exterminatus Beta 8.0 listed in your library.
Battle for the hilltop


  • The stormbolter now fires a single shot twice as fast, rather then 2 shots at once.
  • New Deathspitter impact sounds by DontAsk4470
  • New Sporemine bursting sounds by DontAsk4470
  • Turret Sound effects for "target spotted!" and "damaged" (HL2 sounds found by DontAsk4470).


  • Buffed Terminator armor effectiveness against most attacks, but still vulnerable to psionics.
  • Buffed Terminator starting ammo from 60 to 120
  • Buffed Stormbolter damage from 17 to 30
  • Nerfed Tarantulas rate of fire to the same as the marine's heavy bolter.
  • Buffed Tarantula max range from 1200 to 2400.
  • Buffed Tarantula damage from 8 to 16 to compensate for it's lower ROF
  • Nerfed the rate at which the Meltgun does damage
  • Buffed Meltgun damage from 18 to 19 per tick.
  • Buffed Flamer damage from 23 to 24 per burn.
  • Buffed Assult marine jump pack range.
  • Nerfed Plasmagun charge damage.
  • Nerfed Genstealer leap range.
  • Nerffed Carnifex armor protection.
  • Nerfed Lictor talon damage from 66 to 50.
  • Buffed Lictor leap range.
Scortched Shrine


  • Made servo skulls invulnerable (their deaths were causing crashes).
  • Moved the Tarantulas "eye" so attacking players show now remain in it's field of vision even at melee range.
  • The screen shot key should now work in all the menus, regardless of what key you have it bound to.
  • Objective icons are now aligned more centrally.
  • Switched to the "sv_pure" method of checking server and client are running the same version. The default whitelist should allow chapter skins to keep working
  • Improved the class and war gear menu presentation.
  • Prevent Leaping players from seeing out of the map on Thunderhawk, Tarsis Ultra, Ichar IV, Valley and Lycantium.
  • Added a button controlled door to the vent on Orbital to slow down players using that short cut.
  • Added an extra level of detail to one of the bronze forgeworld panel props (the one with two tanks).
  • Grated DontAsk4470 a "Contributor" hero banner for his work with Source Filmmaker, sound effects and general community spirit.
  • Tweaked the tyranid warrior ragdoll to be less ridged (now more bouncy and inclined to do the splitz).
Lictor on a Rooftop

Technically this version is actually 8.02, it took more alpha versions to get to this state than I had expected when I started the migration at 7.9.

I have several more sound effects from DontAsk that can be included in EX, but I don't think they would be worth holding up the Beta release any longer. I expect i'll get around to including them in an alpha patch over the course of the (northern hemisphere) summer.


Waiting for the Imperial Guard :P

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waiting for anyone actually play on the servers

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Just to die right after the spawn

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Official Steam Group:


The group schedules games 0200 am & 1900/7pm GMT + 1.

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Alpha 8.04B is out now. 8.04 and B are 2 separate downloads so make sure to get both from the mod's official page on this site.

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