About: eXterminate is a FPS type mod in pure kill-everything-that-moves style. I'ts very similiar to the classical game Phobia II, with the exact same same point: Kill as many things as possible before you die. You start off with a standard Sub Machine Gun. Then every once in a while a dropship flies over and drops a random weapon for you. These weapons are much more efficient and do much more damage. Current weapons: - Automatic / Semi-Automatic Crossbow - Automatic RPG - Automatic Shotgun - SMG Cluster grenades - Power Gun - Throwing crowbar - Bouncing Ball - Fire Bomb - Frag / Shockwave Grenade - Space gun Current maps: - Zombie - Antlion - Headcrab - Fast zombie - Dr. Kleiner ...more weapons and maps to come! A few last words: Please feel free to contact me ( mail / post here ) if you got any suggestions, bug reportings, comments etc... Changelog: You may download thefifth beta at moddb.

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Ahhhh... I remember this, it wasn't bad.

Only reason I give this a '1' rating is because I cannot seem to get this to run. Should it be fixed anytime in the future, I'll change this rating. Otherwise, it stays as is.

This mod doesn't meet a good number of expectations. The gun play is normal half-life 2, most of the time I would ignore this, but in this mod it gives off the boring feel when shooting zombies. The maps are terribly laid out, seems like something you would make when you first start mapping in hammer. The mod isn't terrible, but it's not a mod you would play and appreciate for a long time. In short the mod had a good idea, just presented terribly.


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