About: eXterminate is a FPS type mod in pure kill-everything-that-moves style. I'ts very similiar to the classical game Phobia II, with the exact same same point: Kill as many things as possible before you die. You start off with a standard Sub Machine Gun. Then every once in a while a dropship flies over and drops a random weapon for you. These weapons are much more efficient and do much more damage. Current weapons: - Automatic / Semi-Automatic Crossbow - Automatic RPG - Automatic Shotgun - SMG Cluster grenades - Power Gun - Throwing crowbar - Bouncing Ball - Fire Bomb - Frag / Shockwave Grenade - Space gun Current maps: - Zombie - Antlion - Headcrab - Fast zombie - Dr. Kleiner ...more weapons and maps to come! A few last words: Please feel free to contact me ( mail / post here ) if you got any suggestions, bug reportings, comments etc... Changelog: You may download thefifth beta at moddb.

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