Our Goal is to take BF1942 and now BF2 and transform them into a whole new Experience, one that gives a much more realistic game play. We are doing this by changing and adding to the game. We have totally revamped the physics of the weapons and vehicles. Plus added many new vehicles, weapons, sounds, maps, armies, textures and much more. We also have a team of researchers that work to give us the information we need to change everything to reflect how it was during WW2. Our Mappers produce maps to the finest detail to how it was during each battle. We have a totally revamped Tank Damage System with all the muzzle velocities and penetrations to their real life specs. We also with each weapon and vehicle make sure that its load out reflects what it had when in service. We hope you enjoy our work, and most of all get a more realistic Experience of ww2.

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I have to say, playing this mod is the BEST Battlefield experience I have ever had! but, historically incorrect and needs improving in some areas.



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This is a very fun mod , Thank you



Good but need a better graphic.. I personally use ENB try it guys..

Historically Incorrect in so many levels!!

the worst bf2 mod

it looks like a mod from bf1942

it has low details - low textures

it feels like a cartoon

it would have been better if the developers have tied up with FH2 Mod to advance the mod faster


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