Our Goal is to take BF1942 and now BF2 and transform them into a whole new Experience, one that gives a much more realistic game play. We are doing this by changing and adding to the game. We have totally revamped the physics of the weapons and vehicles. Plus added many new vehicles, weapons, sounds, maps, armies, textures and much more. We also have a team of researchers that work to give us the information we need to change everything to reflect how it was during WW2. Our Mappers produce maps to the finest detail to how it was during each battle. We have a totally revamped Tank Damage System with all the muzzle velocities and penetrations to their real life specs. We also with each weapon and vehicle make sure that its load out reflects what it had when in service. We hope you enjoy our work, and most of all get a more realistic Experience of ww2.

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Because after a long hiatus from updating our moddb page, we're back with more to help catch up!

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Team XWW2 welcomes you to another news update here at moddb.com - although this isn't your typical news posting. We realize we've been neglecting to post our progress here, so this is to help catch up! These shots have been taken from content shown on our homepage and forums over the past several months.
In addition, we are always looking for help, especially texture artists and coders. If you think you can help, please drop by our forums at www.xww2.com or send a Private Message here!

All items shown in this post were exported and coded by Mschoeldgen, DemonDelta and Caribcanuk.

We'll start off the news post with some shots of our Tomahawk IIB (with a cameo appearance by a BF109-E4)

Models and textures by: DemonDelta

Tomahawk IIB and BF109 E-4 Tomahawk IIB ready for take off

Next up is our Japanese Ho-Ha armoured personnel carrier, modelled and textured by Caribcanuk.

Our Ho-Ha APC
Ho-Ha armoured personnel carrier

We have some statics that would be right at home at any airstrip. You might not want to get too close in a firefight, though! All were modelled and textured by Demondelta.

Miscellaneous air strip items Jerry cans Compressed gas cylinders

Our animator, Chad509, continues his campaign to create new custom animations for our hand weapons!


Next we have a preview of some of the battlefields you'll experience from the middle east to the Pacific Ocean.

Kokoda Airfield, Papua New Guinea
Map by Jeremy

Kokoda airfield map Kokoda airfield map

Kokoda airfield map Kokoda airfield


Operation Theseus, Egypt
Map by Truespirit

Operation Theseus trenches Operation Theseus

Operation Theseus


Derna, Libya
Map by Primergy and Mschoeldgen

Derna courtyard Derna docks

Derna coast line


Kota Bharu, Malaya
Map by Truespirit

Kota Bharu at night Kota Bharu at night time


Thanks for reading, and please stay tuned for a news post containing never before seen content - coming soon to www.xww2.com and www.moddb.com!

(Here's a sneak peek of what you can expect to see ingame shortly)

Ju87 B-2 Stuka sneak peek


Looking good lads, looking good.

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This looks real good. Can't wait to try it out

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Oo !!! IT's NOT StEIlhandgranate BUT StIElhandgranate

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it's cool

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