Europe 1805 is set in the Napoleonic Era. It has improved graphics, models and offers a lot of gameplay features. From investing in towns, enterprises, houses, shares to building defensive structures, formations, combat abilities et cetera!

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This unbelievable amount of 374 features is a result of 1 year and 24 days of work! Thanks to several contributors which helped!

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Main Part
- A full map of Europe with 21 playable

* Kingdom of Denmark
* Kingdom of Sweden
* Electorate of Bavaria
* French Empire
* United Kingdom of Great Britain
* Papal states
* Kingdom of Portugal
* Kingdoms Naples and Sicily
* Kingdom of Spain
* County of Nassau
* Austrian Empire
* Serbian Revolutionary State
* Electorate of Saxony
* Ottoman Empire
* Kingdom of Italy
* Kingdom of Prussia
* Dutchy of Wuerttemberg
* Electorate of
* Batavian Republic
* Russian Empire
* Prince-Bishopric of
* Revolutionary State: Duchy of Warsaw
* Revolutionary State:
Kingdom of France
* Revolutionary State: Irish Republic
* Revolutionary
State: Republic of Venice
* Revolutionary State: Republic of Russia
* Revolutionary State: Spanish Kingdom under Ferdinand VII

- Historical clothes
* About 128 uniforms
* Cardinal & Pope habits
* 15 civil cloths
* 2 priest & 1 bishop & 1 monk habits
* 1 surgeon cloth
* 1 Officer & 1 cavalry gloves set
* 2 baskers
* 8 bearskins
* 13 bicornes
* 3 caps
* 2 coifs
* 5 colbacks
* 2 czapka's
* 3 forage caps
* 10 helmets
* 1 janissary hat
* 2 kippah's (cardinal & pope)
* 2 mitre's
* 17 shako's
* 4 slouchs
* 5 tarletons
* 1 top hat
* 4 turbans
* 13 boots
* 4 Ottoman shoe's
* 4 shoe's
* 1 sandal

- About 240 historical

* All names are from officers in command during 1805.
* As much as possible they command the type of unit they commanded in real life.
* Over 111 officers have unique, historically correct faces!

- 16 different historical horse breeds
* Don
* Hunter
* Arabian
* Hanoverian
* Lipizzaner
* Holsteiner
* Percheron

- Unique lootable items
* Wellies,
Napoleon's boots or uniform, Murat's uniform, Marengo, Holy Cross, artefacts, …)

- Graphical Enhancement
* Almost every texture ingame has been improved
* Better water texture
* More quality

- Random events
* Messages to give the feeling of the era

- New music & sounds
* 18th century music
* Better sounds

- Coronation scene
* In 1805, Napoleon crowned himself to King of Italy in the Cathedral of Milan
* Cathedral scene is almost an exact copy
* Archbishop & Napoleon & Dragoons & people
* Archbishop & Napoleon speaking
* Music & bells

- Barracks replaced the arena
* 2 freshly new barrack scenes
* Pistol with one bullet instead of bow
* Fight with szabla's and 18th century weapons

- Bois de Justice
* Working guillotine (with falling blade & bloody head)
* New quest (guillotine included)
* Executioner dialoque
* Possible to grant clemency either loose renown
* Random event like ‘Join the tournament’, but now ‘Attend the public execution’.
* Random events has priest talk included

- Camp menu options
* Disable / enable options at camp menu (drowning, messages, ...)
* Progressions and overview of current progress

- New Face Textures (Aquil)
* New faces for men
* New faces for women

- Rumor of the Road & Date Specific Events
* 13 weekly Rumors of the Road - to get the feeling of that time
* 11 monthly date specific events. Follow the news and watch how fast Napoleon defeated the Austrian Empire. From the march to Ulm to the Peace of Pressburg and further

- Practice training field overhaul
* Shoot with musket, musketoon or rifle
* No reloading
* Smoke and accuracy still stay

- Complete overhaul of companions

* Added: Bjorne (as credit to founder of AoB series)
* Added: Berthout (as credit to founder of E1805, companion with story about Dutch Republic)
* Added: Jacob (faithful monk)
* Added: Ferdinand (with adjusted dialogue, he's from the House of Habsburg)
* Added: Joseph Fouche (Police Man)
* And 11 other companions with unique dialoques!
* Completely redo of armor and weapons

- Map icon textures overhaul
* No more ancient native icons
* Towns & castles replaced
* Player & people have new textures

- Several improvements

* Speak with village elder from menu
* Deathcam (free camera after death)
* Increased map travelling speed
* Decreased chance of companions leaving from 30% to 15%
* 30% chance of companions leaving due to complaints now
* Changed currency from Denar to Franc
* Gambling. Flip a coin with the tavern keeper
* Amount of townwalkers adjustable
* New proficiency: firearms
* Cattle will follow you instead of running from you
* Added little flags to town icon on the world map, so it’s easier for the player to find his houses / enterprise back.
* Kill horses to get some food
* Added a lot of new troops
with new uniforms (carabiniers, Royal Marines, Chosen Men, ...)
* Most shako's have hair included now
* Added more help & tutorials
* Almost no native names any more
* Completely redo of every image in game.
* Cartridges are now visible when carrying.
* Most melee weapons have scabbards now and the scabbards are looking more 18th century now.
* Complete overhaul of all dialogues & text to give a lesser Native feeling.
* 109 hints added!

Warfare Part
- Historical weapons
* 14 muskets
* 7 rifles
* 6 carbines
* 16 pistols
* 8 sabres
* 6 heavy cavalry swords
* 6 small swords
* 2 matchlocks
* 1 arquebus
* 1 blunderbus

- More than 110 different historical troop types
* Line Infantry
* Grenadiers
* Light Infantry (Finish Marksmen, Portuguese Cacadores, Prussian Jaegers, French Voltigeurs,...)
* Light Cavalry (British Light Dragoons, Hungarian Hussars, French Horse Chasseurs, Polish Uhlans, Cossacks, ...)
* Heavy Cavalry (Sicilian Dragoons, Austrian Kurassiers, British Heavy Dragoons, French Cuirassiers, ...)
* Special troops (Queen Annes 7th Hussars, Wallon Guard, ...)
* Regional Troops (British Highlanders, Tyrolean Jaegers, Kalmucks, ...)
* Mercenaries (Irish Line Infantry, Swiss Jaegers, Hessian Hussars, ...)
* Historical Rebels (Klepths, Irish peasants, Dervishes, ...)

- No longer do all parties have the same troop composition. There are several options
* Mixed army
* Only Infantry
* Only Grenadiers/Elite infantry
* Only Light Cavalry
* Only Heavy cavalry
* Only regional troops

- Formations (foxyman)
* Line, square or wedges formations
* Choose officer to command a regiment
* No longer only charges. If you attack an enemy, they stay
* Enemy AI is smart and tries to charge you from behind

- Duelling
* Duel lords or companions
* Duel with pistols, small swords, dagger and rapier, sabres or sabres on

- A brand new war/peace system
* When the game starts diplomatic relations are as they where on August 5th, 1805. What
happens afterwards, nobody knows
* Countries are either part of the Third Coalition against France, a French Ally or Neutral
* French Vassal states will always stay allied with France but all other states can join or leave the
coalition/France's allies. They can even change sides
* It's not all about France, other states, often neutral ones, can have totally unrelated conflicts
* New all-in-one menu. No longer 110 different messages, informing you about war or peace

- New system of recruiting
* Join a country, go to the warrant officer in towns and ask for troops
* If you do run out of troops you can always recruit from villages, but be aware that you will have to pay for their equipment too

- Complete redo of whole armies of every country
* Improved quality
* Improved LODs (performance)
* Lesser polygons (performance)

- White bullet
* Bullet is white now with some blur to improve accuracy and visibility
* MINIMOD available to change this back to black

- Camp entrenchment
* Option in camp menu to build fortifications
* Defend in fortified area (tower, farm, ...)
* Toggleable drowning

- Improved siege warfare
* Better textures
* Troops get stuck lesser times

- Statues
* Your government can build a statue in honour of you in a random town of your faction
* The statue type depends on your renown (wood, stone, marble & bronze)
* The statue is visible when walking on the boulevard

- Medals
* Medals are gainable by joining a faction
* France, Austria, Russia, England & Montenegro have different medals. Other nations have Prussian-like medals
* 10 different medals per
* A total of 54 unique medals
* Medals are gettable by increasing your player honour
* You can increase your player honour by completing quests (not native honor, not renown)
* Every medal is different and historically accurate
* Every medal has it's own name (e.g. Legion d'Honneur 2nd Class or Royal Hungarian Order of St. Stefan)

- Standards & drums
* Unique battle standards for every nation
* Drummers
* You can get these men by hiring regiments/batallions

- Bring Death & Terror
* Looting system has been changed
* You can set fire on every structure you want. (except for structures you can’t build/upgrade)
* Get a melee weapon or a firearm or some stones and damage the structure by thrust attack. After some attacks you will get a message that it has been destroyed and the structure disappears
* Some structures like the statue can be easily destroyed. Other like walls do need 15
* There is no auto-loot anymore. You will have to fight the peasants. If you have a few troops, you will have to fight two times. First to eliminate all resistance, then to plunder and raze. But the peasants won’t give up quickly, so expect a lot of blood!
* The more stuff you damage the more profit (in money)!
* Your troops can set fire on buildings too, so if you do not want to destroy everything make sure your army won’t use firearms.

- Star Forts
* 7 new and unique forts. From a easy attackable stockade to a grand citadel
* Nose out why bastions were used and how they annoyed the attackers

- Added new troops or unique uniforms for these troops in version II:
* Imperial Dragoon
* General

* Cuirassier

* General
* Moscow Musketeer
* Hussar
* Dragoon

* Dragoon

* Norwegianskier
* Grenadier
* Dragoon

* Dragoon

- Battlefield Combat Abilities script (Chel)
* Dynamic combat through combat abilities like
* Rage - Get extra power
* Focus - Get increased weapon proficiencies
* Sprint - Run for your life!
* Whistle for horse - Call your horse, the higher the more horses come!
* First aid - Recover!
* Inspire Troops - Rally your troops!
* Morale Shock - Unleash a fearsome cry to terrify weaker opponents!
* Taunt - Get your enemy’s attention to you, instead of to your troops.
* Defensive Structure - Consume sandbags to create coverage!
* Get help by pressing N key
* Duration & power of abilities depends on your game skills.
* Some abilities costs some experience.

- Tournaments are back!
* Fight with sabres, swords, pistols and daggers!
* Possible to set higher bets now!

- Additional Battlefield Add-ons
* Medicines heal 10% of your health per second, but after 5 uses, they will be consumed.

- Extend your victory a little bit
* After the battle, if you were victorious, you may decide what to do with the prisoners. Your choices can change your money, prestige or your relation with the enemy’s faction.
* Take Prisoner - you can either recruit them or sell them as slaves
* Execute - prestige boost, but means faction relation penalty as well
* Ransom - earn money immediately. It’s around 40 Francs per person
* Release - do you have a noble heart? Or do you want to increase the relations a bit?
* Let them go with only underwear left - do you really hate your enemies so much? You can punish them now! But beware, this gives a prestige and relation penalty.

- Extend your victory a lot more
* After you conquered a town you have some options
* Liberate - give the town back to the original faction and increase prestige and relations.
* Peacefully occupy - receive some prestige.
* Loot it - kill 1/3 of the total population in order to get money!
* Keep a victory march - march past the Arc while your soldiers follow you

- Experience the Revolutions at Close Quarters
* 6 Great Powers have a monthly chance of facing a revolution.
* Duchy of Warsaw
* Kingdom of France
* Republic of Ireland
* Republic of Venice
* Republic of Russia
* Republic of Spain
* You can talk with the revolution leader and join them, but beware, there are no officers. On the other hand the leader has around 200/300 troops. Enough to terrify the surrounding area!
* Recruiting troops is still possible. You can recruit the troops of the faction the revolution started in.
- Item Restrictions
* From now you may only wear items if you belong to the right
class or have the right rank.

- Increase in Rank!
* More than 8 ranks are awaiting for you. (from Corporal to Marshall)
* Your rank depends on your renown
* If you became faction leader and lost all your land, you may return in service as general!
* Each rank with corresponding wage (300 x rank lvl) which the player gains before payment to troops

- New and Realistic Smoke
* Smoke is much bigger and many soldiers with a musket can obstruct your view.
* You will need to wait before the wind blows all smoke out of the field before you can aim.
* Smike is white now, not grey any more!
* Performance is improved! I've removed 50 particles.

- Tavern Mercenaries
* Hire the amount you want
* Hire 5, 10 or 20 mercenaries

Civil Part
- New Napoleonic scenes
* New 18/19th century poor/average houses
* Native texture have been replaced with HD textures
* Accurate siege building components (traverse, bartizan, bastion, ravelin, ...)
* Siege a up to 7 different fortresses or storm the barricades of a town
* New townhall and offices

- Hunting system
* No bugs (bug is fixed)
* Two animals (deer & bear)
* Get profits with flesh

- Dynamic payment for resting in towns/castles
* Payment has been raisen, because you should sleep in your own house
* Payment = 25 + random number between 0 and 25

- Improved town
* New house props
* Better visibility between rich and poor
* New scenes
* Town center scenes are dynamic (lampposts/prosperity)
* Dynamic weather (fog, rain; different strength)
* Castle scene (with transparent windows and sun glows)

- Dynamic streets
* The more prosperity your town has, the better the streets look
* 5 different views (from poor to rich)
* Window shutters move by fan sometimes
* Scene-linking; if you walk into some street you won’t be blocked by an exit-barrier, but you will be directed to another scene
* Streets signs to show you the right direction

Management Part

- Dynamic housing system
* Different houses (bad/average)
* Rent houses
* Buy houses
* Rent out houses (profitable)
* Estate agent for advice
* 18th/19th century-like interiors
* 18th/19th century-like furniture
* Toggleable fireplace
* Play piano and improve your skill (the higher your skills, the more lords like you)
* Sleep in your own bed (also possible via town menu)
* Your own chest! To store your gained medals and other stuff.
* Signs with: ‘For sale’ and ‘Your home’ in every town
* Signs can change when you rent/buy your home
* Manage your house by pressing ‘F’ on door

- Complex banking script
* Building & interior
* Banker
* Borrow money (with interest)
* Shares (Invest your money in different companies; riskful)
* Exchange securities for silver
* Government bonds

- Invest in towns
* Talk to the Mayor to invest in enterprises
* About 9 different enterprises (chapel, hospital, brewery, mill, farm, ...)
* Different costs and profits
* Profit per week is dynamic
* Unique scene for each enterprise (from dark, cold mines to a beautiful

- Skills
* Duelling skill
* Piano skill

- Jobs
* Go work as woodcutter, hunter or soldier
* Get a steady salary
* Hunter: hunt for animals and sell them to the butcher
* Woodcutter: dynamic, interesting work. (don’t make boss angry)
* Soldier: loot and fight

- Special people
* There are about 7 special people to hire (Engineer, Priest, Officer, Surgeon)
* They have different party skills (tactics, trade, surgery, engineer)
* Each with a special story and outfit

- Dynamic village management
* 11 buildings are
waiting for your order to be build (from a chapel, walls, a statue to barracks
and watchtowers)
* Every structure is visible ingame if you build it
* Every building has various bonuses (native bonuses and E1805 bonuses like
* If your weaponsmith has made enough weapons, you can equip
volunteers with weapons, so there are no costs in gold to recruit them
* Village stockpile with resources like (timber, stone, tools, weapons)
* You
can view the current stock by walking to a parchment, stuck on the wall. You
will be leaded to a menu automatically
* Village treasury
* You can build structures with resources and gold for example: Farm, 80 stone, 80 wood, 20 tools, 20 000 Francs
* Resources are produced by structures which are upgradable up to lvl 20 (stone quarry, lumberjack, weaponsmith
* Tax level can be set by player (from no tax to extreme). Choose to be dreadful or chivalrous to your people!
* The higher the taxation, the lower the production
* Every village has buildings which have been build already. So conquering Brighton instead of Leicester because Brighton has barracks can make your campaign very interesting and they build new
structures during your game.

- Social Classes!
* The time of classes is back.
In the beginning you belong to the Freemen, rank up and enter the nobility!
* 10 classes in total! (freeman, serf, journeyman, peasant, labourer, citizen,
bourgeoisie, gentry, aristocrat and nobility)
* 8 titles to earn as nobleman!
(Baron, Viscount, Earl, Marquess, Duke, Archduke, Grand Duke and Viceroy)
* 8 special banners for every title you gain. Bear them proudly!
* Social mobility is based on wealth. You need to work, rent/buy houses, set up
enterprises, manage villages/castles/towns and gain prestige! If you upgrade,
you will also get large amounts of xp.

- Stagecoach travel
* Travel as fast as possible to different towns (from Saint Petersburg, Toledo, Aberdeen to Constantinople and more)
* The longer the distance, the more money you have to pay
* Highwaymen! They are waiting for you in the bushes along the roads! When you
travel through rough terrain, they strike and you have to defeat them… or loose
* Talk to the coachman on the boulevard to travel with the

- Influence – Way to power!
* Influence Points are points you can gain from lords, invest these points in return of AI actions! Get influence points by:
* Bribing.
* Donating money.
* Buy a gift and give it (the better your trade skill, the lesser it costs)!
* Persuading (most effective and increased skill = increased chance)!
* Show your army to him (max. 2x á day)!
* Let him know how much honour you have earned by quests (max. 2x á day)!
* You get influence daily. Amount depends on your class. Spend your Influence Points to lords
* Let lord follow player.
* Let lord follow someone.
* Increase your relation with lord.
* Join faction – even if your current faction is at war.
* Order him to raid an enemy village!
* Order him to return to a town.
* Use influence to let him attack a party.
* Order him to siege a town!

* Get so much influence you become nation’s Marshall!
* Order lords of your faction and... foreign lords! They take more Influence Points to
control. You can even control enemy lords if you want! But they take 3x standard amount
of Influence Points to control! The only lords who cannot be influenced are
faction leaders!

- Become blacksmith!
* Set up your own blacksmith for 2000 Francs
* Develop your engineer skill and increase chance of succeeding
* Craft melee weapons and firearms from wood and iron
* Your crafted items are of the finest quality, so are the selling prices!
* Buy expensive wood and iron or take a long search for cheap materials to get more profits!

- Extended Town Management
* Hire Commissioners! They help you with town management! (Commissioner of the Town, Commissioner of Finance, Commissioner of Architecture)
* Manage your town by keeping happiness, growth high, while increasing prestige
and filling your treasuries!
* Change your own salary, from low to extremely high! But beware, high salary causes a penalty to happiness.
* Set tax level. Are you an evil who creates extremely tax burdens or do you prefer 100% happiness in all of your towns?
* Give feasts! Organize events to increase your prestige! It’s all about prestige!
* Ask for key to the treasury room and admire your gold!
* Build more than 15 structures! Every structure has different bonuses.
* Advanced system of building - use keyboard arrows to leaf through the parchments and press enter to accept the building plan! If you got enough money, then the construction will start and the building plan gets a green stamp!
* If you conquer a town - you will receive the keys of the town!
* Dynamic Treasury Room - if the town’s treasury is empty, you will encounter a dark, cold room with empty chests. If the town is prosperous, you will be awarded with mountains of gold!

- Kingdom Management
* Choose your own banner
* Choose faction name
* Choose faction color
* Choose faction leader name (Antipope, Emperor, Tsar, King, Prince, sultan, Emir, Shah, Prince-Bishop)

Trade Part
- Improved Trade Goods
* More than a dozen various item modifiers are enabled for trade goods and food items, directly affecting their prices and morale values.
* As most modifiers noticeably increase item prices, average profit per inventory slot
grows proportionally, turning trading into a very lucrative business.
* Food morale values are also affected - stuff your inventory with exquisite foods to make your men happy! If you can afford the price of course. Very cheap food make you men unhappy.
* Finally, there's also a slight tweak to the "Deliver grain to village" quest. Trust me - if
you bring those peasants large bags of grain instead of regular ones, they will be
* Added new food & goods (3 types of wine, medicine, beer, fish, fruit, grapes, flax, wool cloth, raw silk, dyes, furniture and tea)!

~ 374 ~


Wow, impressive list of features

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cud you please get a troop tree Becuse I can't get Cavelry

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